Can you give your xp personnel in gear 5 tc (serious)?

I may be getting it wrong, but what can we gain by completing the friend map in Escape Builder mode?

I thought it would be XP right?
But if not I could suggest that when creating the map the map host could put skins or XP of their own as a reward for those who play their custom map?

Does anyone have more information?

That would be cool, but I think you’d only get Xp for testing it (Like Private Horde) or playing a published Friend map–don’t know anything about another type of reward.

But it’d be cool.

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There is no xp gained from any maps made from map builder, the only time you would get xp (and this is still not confirmed) is when TC decides to make a fan made map a featured map.


Thanks for the answer, I imagine the hard maps with something like a reward skin, or a rank that shows how much you play or run the maps of other players!

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I’d love to see a “Popular Escapist,” style reward if say your Escape maps get 1,000+ plays.

Stuff like that for the creator. I know in Forza Horizon 4 90% of the money I make is from Car Decals that others download.

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Getting rewards is always nice, it gives people the motivation to make something unique.
But only by Official TC recognized maps.
I can already see the boosting maps just so people can reap the rewards.


This, at the same time, motivate all games from other players in the community!

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That happened in DOOM Snapmap before Bethesda caught on and limited the outputs.

I still have a few zeroes on my account though :ok_hand: