Can you give extra bounties or cards of any type to your friends?

(ReaganSmash1985) #1

I’m pretty sure that you can’t but just wondering if its possible . My brother just started playing and I want to help him out if I can.


No can do unfortunately

(HoesEatOreos) #3

only halo 4 lets you do that

TC needs to step their game up

(ReaganSmash1985) #4

Thanks guys. I didn’t think so but wanted to know for sure. Where is the best place to put in requests for something like that to be added?

(Al Bundy 33hero) #5

There’ s a developer stream on right now where you can ask them. Also twitter. Unfortunately, they don’t have much presence on their forums…

(ReaganSmash1985) #6

Thank you very much!