Can you gain a free grenade by executing an enemy?

I vaguely remember gaining a free flashbang grenade by executing an enemy (i think i threw my 1 remaining flashbang grenade to stun an enemy so I could execute him). Does it work ? If so how ? Or am I remembering it all wrong.

And is there a way to know which enemies throw flashbangs ? Only the ones with the helmet ?

I looked on google (extensively) but sadly the game has so little traction and user base that it’s hard to find anything about it. So I thought I’d ask here.


It’s from meatshielding, not executing.

Elite Grenadier has Flashbang.
Elite Hunters have Smoke Grenade.
Elite Drone and Elite Sniper have Shock Grenade.


Bear in mind that if you’re holding a different grenade to the one normally used/dropped by the enemy you meatshield, then you won’t get it. For example if you already have a Shock Grenade and meatshield an Elite Grenadier (who carry Flashbangs) then you won’t get a Flashbang. You have to have an empty grenade slot for this to work, or be carrying the same grenade as them (where it would give you one up to your usual maximum capacity).


Yeah, so this is why they immediately toss their shocks at nothing on all those score run vids. When I first saw that, I thought it was some sort of strange ritual, lol.

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I assume it’s the same for all modes but in versus I can down an enemy and meatshield him and then equip a grenade to tag him. I’ve seen this work without me actually having grenades but it alternates between flashbang and smoke grenade unless I had a specific one equip

You only get a grenade if you either have the same type of grenade as who or whatever it is you’re meatshielding, or if you have none.

So if you hold smokes but your opponent holds a flash and you meatshield them, you don’t get a grenade, same situation for if you have a flash but they hold a smoke.

If you meatshield while having no grenades, you get a flash if your enemy holds one, and a smoke if they have that one on.

If you have a flash while the meatshielded enemy has a flash, you get one too. If you hold a smoke and the meatshielded enemy has a smoke, you get another one of those.

If you happen to hold frags while meatshielding an enemy, you don’t get any grenades unless there was double frag pickups and they by coincidence held some too.

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That’s a feature since Gears Of War 2, I don’t think Gears Of War 1 had it and you can also do it in PvP!
Just throw yours and meatshield someone and you get a free nade, sometimes 2 if you playing PvP.

Is this for real? I’m surprised that there is a mechanic like this and there is no mention of it on boot camp or even game tutorials, smh