Can you earn Halloween kait skin or is it purchase only?

I know it’s probably £££££££ but I just thought I’d ask before I go on the game later.

Purchase only mate.

Cheers I will get a good look at it when I get on. I have 800 iron from the starter amount and tour of duty…been saving it for something decent, I like the darker character skins for pvp so I might have to spend my first iron…wait and see Carmine myrrah or dizzy landing in the store next lmao

Please people stop supporting this.

This is why they are selling these skins. Regardless if you use the free iron you got. We need to make a stand.

Sh*t like this SHOULD BE FREE.

Stop buying stuff from the store even of you like it or its your character.


You can thank everyone that bought the gears 4 stuff like the esports. I haven’t spent a cent on any microtransactions.


Completely agree. But we can put a stop to it now. I have no problem with microtransactions when done right. But this is bullsh*t this is something we would have gotten for free in Gears 4.

People need to speak with their wallets right now but unfortunately I’ve seen a bunch of the Kait skins already. Suckers really.


Yeah. Rally round Red!
Seriously though, it would be interesting to see their sales data. I wonder if anything is really flying out the door. I don’t see a lot of store stuff in the game, but enough to make me wonder. :thinking:

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I’ve seen a handful of DD Mac. But I’ve seen a lot more of these Kaits in 1 day alone.

I’ve said it before. TC should keep the Steel characters and Weapon skins and whatever else they will consider “Esports” skins as a $ price. Make all the other skins purchasable with Iron.
Make people either grind or buy iron for the skins. They will make money because there are a lot of people that would still nust buy iron because they dont want to grind


And that’s one of the biggest issues, the iron. I think the store itself would be much more acceptable if iron could be earnable through gameplay.
So these Halloween skins cost 800, which is about $8 USD. Gears 4 Esports packs were $10, with RNG. But the regular gear packs only required you to play.

They are priced that way to make up from lost revenue from not having RNG.


Also having to buy a third of the Halloween weapons is rediculous.
Wish they would just bring back the credits.

Na that’s still a bad road to go down. Theres a way for them to still make a bunch of money and keep the players happy but neither this or lootboxes are it.

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I meant earning in game currency. I agree on the loot boxes and the current state of the store.

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I have 800 iron that was free-obviously I’m going to use it at some point…

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Solidarity brother. We stand together…as long as Myrrah and Sam aren’t pay only :wink: …then we might have a problem!


I’m with you bro. Although, if they bring my homie Griffin out, he is a purchase for sure. Hopefully with Iron only at a cheapish price but I got to do it. Everyone else, I could care less about.

That’s never going to work. Pretty much every game that has microtransactions, somebody is buying them. Boycott the game and empty the servers if you want to change. Anything else is a meaningless gesture.


The fact that those character skins are 800 iron is so disrespectful IMO.

People are buying them, so apparently respect isn’t that important

haha and 8 bucks isnt that much anyway i mean i buy a single meal for more than that everyday.