Can you complete scavengers side missions after train bridge collapsed?

I’m trying to complete all side mission in act 3 and I need to get past collapsed train bridge to get to 3rd scavenger location . Is this possible ?

It should be possible if the bridge doesn’t glitch out and is all the way to the ground level. I tried this and when it was just on the level of where the train passes by, I could pass through with the Skiff. Barely any clearance for the sail to fit, but I could pass through underneath.

The bridge looks completely on the ground to me - is this what you mean by glitch ?
Struggling to see gap

It’s been reported multiple times on the forum. Technically you should be able to pass through it after shooting the bridge support to bring it down to where the train passes over it. I did so right after I shot the bridge though, so I don’t know if the game saves its position as halfway down if you quit and load back in after the train catchup section, or go into a mission area like the Cosmodrome. Which could be why it ends up completely lowered again.

Thanks . Can’t seem to find it .
Guess I will load previous chapter and see

Any progress on this? The train bridge part of the act is at the very beginning. With the storm, lightning and dropping the bridge timing its kind of hard to remember to do the scavenger missions before it cuts off the map. Now right before you leave the desert it lets you know you can’t go back, However nothing about the bridge. Hopefully developers look at these forums