Can you claim Fight Night skins from tablet?

My question is has anyone ever watched the eSports stream from a tablet or phone and can you successfully claim the Syndrome skins from mobile? I thought tonight’s stream started at 5p PST and I would be unable to be at my computer, but I just saw it starts at 3p PST so I shouldn’t have any problem but for the future, I wanted to know if it’s possible to do the quests needed to get the skins.

Yes you can. I only watch on my phone and haven’t had any problems with collecting skins

Thank you, that is really good news, I have been stressing all night for this ridiculous thing.

I have claimed rewards on PC and my phone so yeah, tablets work just fine.

Yes most I’ve got have been off iPad

I claim them off my phone

This :+1:

yes you can :slight_smile:

Yes, anyone can.

I can’t.
I can watch the stream on my tablet,but the button won’t click.
Never tried on my phone though.

I’m testing it live right now. The layout is pretty well thought out, I thought it would be clunky af but it’s a smooth interface. Nice job Maestro. Button touches aren’t the most responsive

Thanks for the quick responses guys.

No problem :+1:

whats skins are claimable today??

I saw the transmision today but I cant get the syndrome hammer. How I could get it?

Sorry, this is a day late. The Syndrome Hammerburst was available yesterday for watching Gears Fight Night and fullfilling the quest

I do it from my phone or Ipad.