Can you change character?

If you join someone else’s game and are playing quick play rolling matches is there any way to change your character? I only see it when you are piggybacking someone else’s game if you’re doing ranked.

I don’t think you can switch characters while it’s rolling. But you can set your preferences in the verses quickplay menu.

Ok thanks, sometimes a new ToD pops up " win as this character" and i want to change.

Sucks but, thanks for the answer!

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No prob. I didn’t notice it under the playlists in quickplay for a couple months after release lol.

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Haha, i just started playing with a buddy recently and couldn’t find it.

Oh well…TC has more to worry about than this.

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Pause the game, it has a character selecion option if i’m not mistaken. It does on arcade, appologies if i’m wrong.