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Can you address low-ping issues?

I’m not sure how many others have this issue but there is a major issue regarding low ping. It happens nightly to me and is something that I’ve taken notice to quite often. If I happen to have a ping below 30ms and a player, whether teammate or enemy, is above 80ms (stable or fluctuating), the game plays very poorly. It actually feels like I am on a 250ms connection because I have many delays, shots not firing, rubber banding, sponging and a whole list of things. Enemies will just abuse me like I am playing with no thumbs.

The very next match I’ll have a ping around 40-50ms which is the sweet spot for having the best connection when someone is above 80ms. I have played the same team back to back before along with new teams and the one constant is when the server changes and I get a 40ms ping the enemies go from being sponges to taking damage and I no longer teleport.

Now, if everyone is below a certain ping the low ping would be fantastic and much appreciated. However, I have yet to get a low ping more than a couple of times where everyone is below 80ms which in turn creates a very frustrating experience. In the end, all I am asking for is you to right a wrong here and stop adding a major handicap onto me that is impossible to overcome because the game is so out of sync. A low ping with a Gigabit worth of bandwidth to go around hard wired into my PC should not net me a poor experience. Lag Compensation is necessary but it shouldn’t cripple me.

So please, end the madness. Either fix it or some how stop giving me a ping below 40ms or at least near that number. It’s ridiculous at this point because all of my friends know it’s an issue when they see me with such a low ping.

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The low ping isnt the problem, it’s the large ping between a lower ping and a higher ping. So you are too low ping, you aren’t hitting anything you are too high ping and you aren’t hitting anything. In a game like this, as long as everyone is a couple of ms off from one another the game is butter. It’s when you start hitting 20’s in between that it becomes a problem in a CQC game like gears. Games that are all long range can get away with pings like that, this game, not so much, it ruins the entire experience.

The low ping is a major issue though.

I have minimal issues with hit detection even if I’m at 40ms and the enemy is at 200ms. It’s not until I have a ping below 30ms that I notice a ton of issues.

My ping runs between 8-2 if I’m hosting or playing with an Australian host. When I play with US peeps it’s between 190-230. Never have problems with either of those pings. I start having problems when it’s over 300. Which is rare.


Not in my experience. I get a wide range of pings and when pings are in range across the board it is good but the large differences are when I run into issues with gameplay.

As these issues have somehow got worse since g4 (where these exact problems where also present) I have to assume one of 2 things;

  1. tc are so bad at programming netcode, lag comp, etc that they are actually too incompetent to fix it.
  2. this is a deliberate design decision and despite it being provably stupid and broken,tc will once again stick to their guns and will ignore any criticism and choose to never fix it .

Take your pick really, incompetence or pig headed stupidity.

Very weird.

Because I find 40ms-50ms to be the sweet spot. Anything below or above that degrades the performance with the lower end of the spectrum being the worst because someone is always above 80ms.

It would be one thing if the game I got I’m were on that range I got a guy at 20 a guy at 12 a guys at 120 a couple.guys at 80 it’s a miserable experience atleast for me. Not sure why I get these games but very rarely is everyone around the same ping. In the games that it is, they are awesome but its like 1 in 5 games that happens .

One of these less skilled players just called my team garbage. LMFAO

Our teammate got kicked out in Round 1 and they had 16 points. By the time my teammate came back they still had 16. 4v5 and they couldn’t cap.