Can we use Halo +ape packs in horde?

Not sure if this has been asked but… As the title says really. Can we use the characters in horde. Because the original characters are locked to there own special load out…

The Halo and Terminator character(s) will also be playable in Horde(not that I’m particularly happy with that but whatever). With their own special skills as well.



@T0NY_HAYABUSA! We got another one here!

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You really like throwing water on oil fires, don’t you?

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Tony likes to be kept updated when it come to these sort of matters. :wink:

No I don’t. It kills me to see these kind of posts.

Sorry to burst a bubble.
I was asking because I don’t really fancy playing horde with halo characters running round and as someone mentioned terminator.
Can’t see what they got to do with gears to be honest.

If seeing guest characters is a dealbreaker, then Gears 5 may not be your cup of tea. The guest characters will be playable in Versus, Horde AND Escape. It’s highly likely you’ll see at least one of them in most of your matches…at least for the first few months after launch. :man_shrugging:t5: