Can we talk about Gears Lore and that mess that was created by switching writers?

A recent post about Ketor Vrol got me thinking, and now I am pretty frustrated with plot holes that I can’t seem to find an explanation for.

It is clear that the direction Josh Ortega had envisioned for the origin of the locust is much different than what has been established as cannon since. Like many, for the longest time I was hanging on the idea that the Locust were created by humans, but the Kantus had actually been around in the Hallow for centuries prior. However, what we learn in Gears 5 pretty much puts the kybosh on that.

The part that I just can’t seem to get over is how old and ancient Nexus looks. Are we truly meant to believe that everything we see in Nexus during the campaign in Gears 2 is at max 50 years old?

In Gears 2 Baird states
“I still don’t know how they could have built this $hit so fast…”

To which Marcus replies
“We still don’t know how long they have been down here.”

Between the Sires and Nexus I truly believe Josh Ortega was teeing up the origins of the locust to be basically what we have right now, but with the Kantus being the OG, REAL Locust. I just demand a reasonable explanation for the existence of Nexus in the form we know it.

I would love to hear the opinions and thoughts of anyone who thinks they have found an explanation, but from my perspective this is just a giant plot-hole left from the action of switching writers mid-trilogy.


Well the origin of the Kantus specifically isn’t exactly detailed yet either. As far as we know, the only Locust created by Niles were the “hybrids” we basically now know as the basic Locust Drones. Kantus could be an experiment created by Ukkon, or they were previously the only (sentient) inhabitants of the Hollow. Not that I expect it to be revealed anytime soon.

And I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed this being mentioned anywhere but if I did, feel free to point to it.

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Im a hard believer that kantus were native species of the hollows, not sure if confirmed but heavily implied considering there arent lambent kantus, and just as native hollow creatures, they lack of a lambent version. And the fact that skorge is seen smoking imulsion fumes in the comics.

My biggest complain about the new lore is the short time spawn everything seems to happen, basically reyna being myrrahs dughter and she being a young woman in Tactics implies that the locust were created shortly before the end of the pendulum wars, and kills any possibillity for the locust to be down there for more than 30 years, making it less believable that the locust could buit a huge society and city in just 2 decades. Unless myrrah and reyna both age slower, which i doubt it.

Myrrah has been confirmed to age slower(at least half as slow as the average human) and considering Reyna isn’t a grandma by Gears 4 and that collectibles in 5 state that the genes Myrrah had were also passed down to Reyna, pretty sure she also is.


I always liked the idea of Kantus being the original Locust, naturally evolved as why they are smarter than the drones and look way different and possibly without lambency involved.

That would make them immune to Adam’s weapon and then we could have a reasonable explanation to how the Locust reorganized their army so easily.

Theory: The Kantus survive and stay in the Hollow, when they see the Locust waking up evolved as Scions they think is worth a shot at war again so command them to do so. Sounds better than the ghost of Myrrah being haunting around


Originally , according to Cliffy B. the Locust where intended to be aliens and the Serans where colonist. Earlier concept art for Myrrah, depict her as being less human in appearance reinforcing the original concept of Locust being aliens. Karen Travis, the writer of Gears 2 wrote the locust as being man-made. The locust being such a young race creates a number of plot holes.

In my opinion, the Locust should have been written as aliens. Whilst the Serans should have been kept as colonist. Sera is such a strange planet it doesn’t make sense for humans to be native to it. Additionally, the locust seem to be specifically adapted to living underground [they have strong low light vision, low pigment and hate bright light ].


I agree, i was fine with the alien race motif as it played well with their sudden E-day attack forced by imulsion infection spreading.
I also disliked how Gears 3 made Myrrah look more human compared to her alien queen look in gears 2. I was perfectly content to not have magical lady maguffin plot points added to the story (the Mryyah, Rheyna, Kait nonsense)
Like some, ive had my own ideas how the story could have gone but doesnt m

I believe Myrrah was always intended to be telepathic.

Exactly! The locust being native to Sera and the humans being colonists makes so much more sense and is way more exciting and though provoking.

One small correction though, Josh Ortega wrote Gears 2, Karen Traviss wrote Gears 3.
With this, you could truly see what Ortega was going for… Nexus looking ancient, introducing the Kantus, showing lambency affecting drones. There are a few really strange and out of place things that happen in Gears 2 though… The emphasis on the fungus in the hollows, the way the imulsion leaves the drones body and crawls away in puddle form.

Also, I will have to dig through old interviews to see if I can find it, but I SWEAR there is a video of Cliff saying that Rustlung was a result of the lightmass bomb vaporizing imulsion and humans breathing it in.


I haven’t beat the campaign for 5 but all I know is switching up the writers
Not having a clear end in mind
Gears 1 being a lucky success

Really didn’t help the story
Oh well

I still think the Humans of sera should be established as colonist. The exceptional fitness you see in Serans could be explained by them being genetically engineered to survive on terraformed worlds.

Constant strife could also explain why Serans are unaware of Earth . Early catastrophic wars could explain why the Serans lost knowledge prior technologies such as terraforming and space travel. The COG government could even be written as having access to a secret, crashed human starship that is slowly being reversed engineered to create weapons.

This might sound stupid lol.

I like the idea of the kantus being native to Sera and them being the ones to begin the construction of Nexus.

In the beginning, there was the rift worm that the Kantus tamed or maybe lived alongside, and it created the hollows for them to build Nexus. Given the size of the Rift Worm and its ability to make massive tunnels for the Kantus to move through the Kantus believe the worm to some kind of god like creature and create the religion trinity of warms from it. Anyway, skip ahead a few hundred years or whatever takes your fancy and along comes Nile’s and his search for a cure for rust lung.

Niles discovers the Kantus during his research and discovers that the kantus can heal themselves after sustaining serious injury. Niles captures a kantus and experiments on it in order to find a way to cure rust lung. He combines the DNA of human and Kantus, which has volatile results, which in turn created the Sires. Niles finds adults are just not getting him the results he wanted, so he begins experimenting on children.

After months, maybe years, of trial and error, Nile’s comes across Myrrah whose DNA bonds with that of the kantus. From this Nile’s gets the breakthrough he was waiting for and begin to use what he learned from experimenting on Myrrah and applies it to other his other test subjects. Using this information, Niles finds that the other subjects are not as accepting of the DNA as Myrrah was and as a result the subjects begin to mutate into what is now as the Locust.

Myrrah eventually rebels and the Locust subjects are freed and head into the hollows. The Kantus come across Myrrah and her Locust children, but sense they are close relatives because of the captured Kantus’s DNA being bonded within them. The Kantus take them to Nexus and, sensing that Myrrah is the strongest of the Locust and Kantus they put her at the top of their ranks. The Kantus become teachers of a sort to the Locust and train the Locust to survive the hollows, and over time they live as one and eventually putting Myrrah as Queen of Nexus.

Skip ahead another few months and the Kantus and Locust begin to expand on Nexus under the guidance of Myrrah. Over time, they construct impressive structures in a shorter time span than normal due to their increased strength and Myrrahs ability to guid them and have act as one. Nexus eventually becomes a massive stronghold within the hollows, and the Kantus and Locust continue to live there until the discovery of the Lambent.

The Katus and Locust begin to fight against the Lambent and begin to form an army and create war beasts. They fight continuously, only to find out that everything they are throwing at the Lambent is being taken and used against them. Queen Myrrah and her generals and advisors are out of ideas and losing ground in the hollow. The loss of Nexus has now become a reality, Queen Myrrah believes that if they can’t have the hallows, then no one can. She comes up with the plan to invade the surface and take it for their own, so they may in turn flood the hollows and wipe the Lambent out in one swift action.

There is of course the matter of Adam Fenix trying to come up with a weapon to stop the Lambent and Save the Locust, but that’s for another lore thread lol.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on what the lore should be close too.


I’ve always believed that the Kantus specifically have been around for a long time before the Locust themselves, I certainly got that impression anyway.

I can see the inconsistencies and it’s a very small timeframe for the establishment of the Locust Stronghold. It’s doable but certainly questionable.

I’d like to think there were segments of Nexus that already existed due to the Kantus and were expanded on once the Queen arrived with her Locust.

Definitely not. She is part of the Hivemind, so it makes sense. Plus as wise as they seem to be, the Kantus, along with the Locust, thrived more so with the influence of Queen Myrrah. She is crucial to their prosperity and without her the Locust/Swarm would be little more than savage creatures.

By the time of Gears 3, Queen Myrrah could easily be over 100. Having inherited her Mother’s abilities, Reyna herself could also have easily been around 70-80 as of Gears 4. It may sound crazy, but it would have allowed for around 100 years of the Locust haven existed in Nexus as opposed to the short timeframe of the Queen and Locust only escaping Mount Kadar in the middle of the Pendulum Wars. More time to at least make the building of Nexus’ structure more feasible.

But Gears 5, despite offering final origins for the Locust, have also raised much more questions and confusion.

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Sorry about the late reply.
I meant that as an alternate explanation not as a twist of the one in the games, of course the consciousness of Myrrah existing within the hivemind makes sense once you accept the hivemind as something the locust always had.

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Yeah, that’s the hivemind; how she commands the Locust without needing to be present on the frontlines. Logic aside, I like it as it sticks with the insect inspiration.

What I have a bit of trouble believing and wrapping my head around is the consciousness of Myrrah “possessing” Reyna’s corpse. What went into reanimating her and why wasn’t she buried near New Ephyra or Fort Umson (the Outsider settlement founded by Gabe and Reyna)?
You’re telling there was no commotion caused when she just slithered out of the hive in the dried up riverbed near Speyer? Did they really just leave her there?

Maybe when the Swarm attacked New Ephyra was their way of releasing the queen from the aforementioned hive? That wasn’t my first interpretation, but it fits now that I think about it.
It still doesn’t really explain why they just left her body there, especially when in the very same game it’s revealed that the Locust weren’t dead when they were dumped underground and they’re now utilizing human bodies to amass a new army of hybrid soldiers.

I sort of hope there’s a Gears 5 side story DLC (or something, it doesn’t need to be DLC) in Gears 6 or to bridge the gap to Gears 6 that explains exactly what happened on the Swarm side during Reyna’s reanimation. Although a book is much more likely… With an exclusive Reyna skin for all those that pre-order the book.

Sorry for the tangent :sweat_smile: cohesive thought isn’t my strong suit.


There’s the weird narration in the first game and the invisible walkie talkie bits in Raam’s Shadow.


I always thought Kantus were native to the hollow. Like many have said we don’t see Lambent Kantus even though they inhale the imulsion fumes.
The building of a religion and a language takes time so the fact that TC have changed/set the timeframe of events makes it harder to suspend your disbelief.

Building the Nexus so quickly is crazy even with the riftworms, corpsers creating tunnels/passage ways. The Locust using the mining equipment left in the Hollow plus the slave labour force to create the Nexus in such a short timeframe isn’t possible especially when you add the fact that they were fighting a war with the lambent.

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Kudos for the use of kybosh :+1::grin:

Joshua made a post on Twitter saying he is happy the story concluded what he planted/started.

What is more interesting is that Cliff B stated on his Twitter (for his memoirs) that the original games was not what he wanted the locust to be. Locust to him was a different concept.

Gears 4 answered your question. The tombs, ancient grounds and catacombs was all the work of the All Fathers in the ancient world (either this was medieval or they had ancient tech themselves), or as Del explained “kings and wizards and ■■■■”.

It is likely Kantus species are from the hollows natively and possibly at war with the humans at the time (in the ancient world). When the locust came, they took over the structures (already built) as their home and the Kantus’ were GMO’d along with everything else for war.

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