Can We Take a Min To appreciate a Good Team

I only play horde so I’m biased in feeling the bond is stronger in that mode, but I suppose it happens with VS teams as well…
But there’s nothing better in Gears than having a lobby/game full of general randoms and somehow you all work like magic together for 12 or 50 waves. At about wave 20, you think “Ok, this is going good.” At wave 30 you’re like, “hey we are working p pretty good together”… And when you finish wave 50 you realize that you all understood your own roles in relationship to everyone else’s individual roles.
You all helped one another and no one struggled to get their part done.
It was kismet…meant to be…horde destiny. For a brief time you feel a brotherhood worthy of Gears. Then you try not to shed a tear when people start to leave the lobby, no one is up for another game yet, so the symmetry dissolves, never to be thought of again. But for a brief moment, Gears 5 horde was good enough.
Am I the only one?


Not at all. Nothing feels better than playing a random horde match as cog gear and not having to use your ult a single time… Ah. I haven’t had that happen in awhile.

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Usually at Master difficulty you find competent players quite frequently. Everyone pretty much knows what they’re doing. The only class that seems to be a crapshoot is the engineer. I’m always grateful to have one on the team, but when you get these spend-happy engis who blow ALL the cash on sentry after sentry before the barriers and lockers are built, it just makes me want to quit. I always stick around just because, but 9/10 when these guys show up, it’s gonna be a wipe.


It’s honestly really great when this happens.

Unless theres a Fahz around. ■■■■ Fahz

Yes, I agree. It feels pretty good. But I also agree that on master most players know what they’re doing. Most of my friends don’t play gears anymore so I had to mastered all the maps on 50 and frenzy with randoms. Took time but it worked out.

Fahz isn’t the one you should be taking issues with when Marcus exists. The players that use Marcus are sometimes so horrifibly annoying or bad, it’s unbelievable. There is no other way to say it, sadly.

That being said, in regards to the OP, it’s been a while since I got that feeling. I’ve just lost interest in playing when all I would have available is randoms, at the moment.

Oh I know Marcus exists and his horrid players. I just hate Fahz as a character and as a class. When a single Fahz is running around sniping people that I’m clearly taking care of because he HAS to get MVP , it gets on my nerves.

So ■■■■ Fahz and his big ■■■ nose. Besides I haven’t seen a Marcus since I returned to this dump truck so he’s not really my problem rn

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Plus that explosion is annoying asf when it goes off so frequently

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I pretty much stick to Inconceivable and master…unless it’s early AM and matches are scarce. And you’re right, it’s usually competent players, but sometimes it’s just another level symmetry

Ah that moment when the next wave timer starts and everyone skips asap. I always appreciate that

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I totally agree.

  • Having players just cooperate with each other

  • Marking targets frequently,

  • Having an engineer who knows what the team needs in the early waves (weapon lockers/barriers and not sentries)

  • Having Jack too for some reason (best Medic and friendly robot companion)

  • A Marcus who shares his ultimate with his fellow teammates.

These are signs of a good team. Helping each other along the way to finish wave 50. Its rare to encounter randoms who incorporate all these elements for a successful run.

But when you all finish wave 50 together with no casualties/quitters, you know the wait is absolutely worth it.