Can we remove the 100 playlists so I can find a game?

I usually find lobbies from the US and I live in the UK, the ping goes up to about 150ms whereas the local games are under 50ms

On top of this issue, NOBODY PLAYS THIS GAME LIKE THEY USED TO. Stop having ranked/social split playlists, you take this way too seriously. With the low number of players it’s even harder to find a decent game.

I love how quick you can find a game in cod, its so simple, just one playlist per game type. Not no super serial ranked mode.

I do love this game, it’s fun now that rod furgeson has stopped trying to ruin what he created accidentally in gears 1 multiplayer. And it seems gears is going back to its best trilogy era.

I really hope you guys stop trying to cartoon up gears and go back to the gritty dark theme gears 1 had. So far the gameplay matches gears 1 more than ever. So it seems you guys are listening. Thanks

Also please call it gears of war again. Such a bad move calling it gears… wow

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There is no skill Gap and no competitive modes in ranked so thats probably part of the reason lol…

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It would make sense if this was popular like it the franchise was during gow1,2,3. But the playlists player count is too low

What doesn’t make sense to me is having custom matches and then have quick play. Should be either or


The game is more popular than Gears and therefore has a larger population which in turn allows for faster matchmaking.

Agreed ish. Rank means nothing to me and its mainly for the look at what I did crowd. Having said that ranked is popular and players want it so I guess it will stay and I won’t stand in the way of it lol.


But Uth, Koth

Execution is very competitive and was very intense in gow1, it’s a shame it’s only in the ranked playlist

Cod has way more players and playlists. Each mode in cod has its own playlist plus a hardcore version that is entirely separate and then ranked as well. Probably 30 to 40 playlists in cod