Can we PLLLEEEAAASSEE Get a competitive king of the hill

I realize koth is in comp warm up but they really need to add a competitive king of the hill playlist with season rankings and all that jazz. please say something if you think other wise. Thanks @devs


Great idea I love this concept it would change the dynamic of gameplay drastically!


I agree. If we cannot get 1 tune then a comp koth mode would be fantastic

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I believe we already have it as a special event in rotation it’s KOTH with gnashers only and it’s comp tuned. I’d love to see it as permanent mode also.
Having two different tunings screwing this game in too many ways.

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King of the Gnasher, Competitive Tuning?
It’s always been Core Tuning.

Yeah, my bad. It was ‘Raven Down 24/7’ sweet memories.

Disagree. KOTH-G is Comp.

Hmm… swear I’ve read it said “Core” next to Tuning.
I seem to remember it vividly.

Edit: Saw YouTube vid of Main Menu saying “Gnasher Only KOTH” with “Competitive Tuning”.
But unsure if there was another similar one, that was also Core Tuning.

Thanks, i wasn’t sure.

They should rotate game types through out both tunings each season. For people in core that say no. Sorry the people in comp have to deal with good gametypes. But ones that can burn you out so some change would be nice. Would encourage people to try comp too if they had more inviting game types.

Been saying this since after Season 2. And not just for K.O.T.H. but for all modes. I can speak for the majority of the entire Gears 4 versus Community that the “Competitive Tuning” is the best tuning in the game.


I would also love this

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You can’t speak for the majority of the community. Your opinion is yours but you don’t talk to the majority and I’m sure if that. But I will say I’d be happy to see it switched from Core to Competitive myself but we can’t have both. The community would be split even more and matchmaking is already hot garbage.

Not fair but it’s the only game mode I really like besides Horde. So why not I’m all in for Competitive King of The Hill. It’s more fun than playing Team Deathmatch and Execution imo.

This is really something TC should at least test as a Special Event, all the normal KOTH rules just Competitive wep tuning instead of Core, I think great majority of players would prefer it, KOTH really suffers from Core tuning as it’s supposed to be a frantic Gnasher oriented gametype, which gets completely smothered by rifle fire, especially when stacked teams go against solo players, it’s no fun, trust me…

@EVIL_0NE think this is a possibility for an event?

It doesn’t really need to be tested, it already happened before.
Since it’s Special Event, there wouldn’t be stacked teams, only limit of 2 players in party.

can we PLLLEEEAAASSEE Get all game modes in comp ?

Can we PLLLEEEAAASSEE get one tuning?

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