Can we plese stop these random bot spawns and bot invincibility

ok I am very worried that the programmers are getting lazy with gears 3 and 4 if you close your eyes and turn around fast a bot could appear right in front of you
in addition between waves 11-20 the bots take less damage so its nearly impossible to down them seemingly making them invincible. if a drone gets in your personal space it’s lights out which is cheap wouldn’t you agree?

Whatever issue you have with Gears 3 it is officially final since TC has stated numerous times that they won’t tinker with nor fix any issues with “Legacy Games”.

As for Bots in Gears 4, in versus they can turn into gods if the server is having some trouble (quite usual nowadays) but in Horde if you’re having trouble to down them I suggest you try a different approach "headshots, boom & drop shots, torque bow, decoys, barriers and so forth. The beauty of Horde is the ability to have dozens of different play styles that work in ANY difficulty.