Can we PLEASE turn off the Taunt selection?

So many times ill be playing in middle of a shotty battle and then taunt selection will pop up from accidentally clinching the right stick button and gets in the way and gets me killed. The taunt option should not be on the right stick button or you should be able to disable it! I know defenders of this game who don’t have this happen are gonna reply with fanboy “get good” or “stop clinching your sticks” replies but its just dumb for this to be the way it is. This shouldn’t even be a problem 8 months after launch!



Ha, I’m joking :joy:

I agree. It doesn’t happen often but it can be seriously aggravating when it does. Implementing an option to disable it shouldn’t be too much of a taxing task for the skilled developers at TC.



It’s super annoying i can’t just turn the emote wheel option OFF


TC won’t fix it, look at the bright side now you can say hello in mid gnasher fight


Haven’t they updated it so maving cancels taunts?

That’s not the issue they’re having. The issue is that a bigass emote wheel pops up mid fight since they’re accidentally clicking in the stick, making it harder to see.

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Oh right. Wow that’s a weird problem to have, must crush the hell out of their controllers when they play.

It’s weird, but I’ve seen it happen.

I have a careless friend that does it all of the time. Especially when he’s in heated 1vs. I don’t think I’ve had that problem but I can see where some are coming from.

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My father has the same problem.

I thought his deck didnt have any weak cards.



I think he is referring to your profile pic

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Oh. My pic actually predates the card game, lol.

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Omg best joke I’ve ever dropped on a forum and the guy with yugi as his profile pic doesn’t get it :rofl:

Like I said, predates the card game. This Yugi kills people.


No, but it does contain the unstoppable Exodia.

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Yes. This has been requested a number of times.

I suffer with the condition known as mashing too hard with my right thumb.

I think I have a solution.

We don’t need the wheel at all.

Customize and remember what you put for each direction. That way the wheel never needs to appear.

Yeah the original manga was brutal. Specially when he sets that dude on fire in the diner.

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tbh quit crushing ur controller