Can we please Remove the gp cap per game TC? It's only making ranked matches feel tedious

This is a match that after I finished and got more then tilted in, I realzied just how poorly this game rewards playing obj and for some reason I can’t understand why. IF the whole point is to match up people of the same skill does this look like I should be down here? And I know someone going to say “just keep playing and you’ll get there anyway” to that my reply is "Why do I have to get rewarded for spending time on the game and not showing exceptional skill? "

that match should have been added as follows (15 x 84 Eliminations ) + (20 x 35 Caps) + (10x 14 brakes) +(500 x2 rounds won) +390 solo bonus. total points earned 3490gp points awarded 2990. then the match fee takes that to 2940.

Basically I loss out on 15.76% of my points as a skill tax. So because of this, the better you play past the limit the more you are taxed.

Why do I or anyone for that matter have to be punished for going all in by being slowed down by the game itself? Hell if this game wanted to reward me then I would have gotten the full pay out no matter what. In fact think about it how often did you go above and beyond the skill ceiling only to be told “okay your done for this match”

Just why? Someone truly justify this that comes off as “It’s because they said so” why does there need to be a cap on the points we can get mid match?

(edit : It also doesn’t help that KOTH is the ONLY OBJ based game mode in ranked.)

I read somewhere, possibly from Dana on Twitter, that the GP cap exists in part to prevent people from ‘farming’ them by having teams repeatedly enter and capture/break the ring.

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GP seems to work too easy.

I can get 3,200 points as Diamond 3!! Deducted from entry fee, still get a chunk.

I’ve only gotten like 50 points in past operations. For winning as any level diamond. So that was a real grind.

& now I’m racking in over 1,500 in diamond. If I lose I get like 20-50 points lol. Maybe negative 20 points.

I really don’t have a solution but capping gp isn’t an issue seeing how easy you can get points.

I honestly would like the damage system so people can see who the real heavy hitters are.

But the damage system is real flawed apparently… I don’t know why they don’t use 4’s damage system.

Trust me, you want the GP system.

The PPM system would’ve drove you to the walls. Not only did you have to win but if you didn’t average the damage per minute you’d lose a lot of points.

So you average 300 points per minute & you win because of quitters & couldnt average 300 you lose a lot of points. Sometimes even deranked.

yeah maybe if your playing with a team then you’ll climb or maybe if you keep getting people who actively play well, however let me tell you why I know gp still sucks.

As I showed above I was doing everything I could to get every point I can, however what you didn’t see is the work I had to put into getting the firkin ring. I had half my team ignore the obj and go for kills because kills get you much more gp in koth despite the fact of koth is to hold the ring and win. because hey It doesn’t matter until your at onxy because that’s when the system starts to each chucks off your gp and even so after five caps, your done with the ring gp anywya

tedious… out right tedious. Also I don’t know how your getting above 3.1k because after match fee because max wise across all mode, before match cost and solo bonus(which is 15% of the points earned in match) you’re earn

2850 + 15% = 3277 points for Koth
2850 + 15% = 3277 For TDM
2800 + 15% = 3220 For For 2v2
3050 for FFA

Now we take points out for the fee so your D3 ranked so we’ll use that.

3277 - 1700 = 1577 Koth (52% loss)
3277 - 1700 = 1577 TDM (52% loss)
3220 - 1700 = 1520 2v2 (53% loss)
3050 - 1700 = 1350 FFA (56%loss)

yes I did the math, if I messed up feel free to fix it, however this alone shows how bad the system gimps you you playing longer then normal so no, this system sucks, want the fee to still be a danger then every death you get should take 250GP off of your over all bank, this means dying now plays a bigger part in your skill rating and not just something that’s there for people to track how bad you’re doing.

It also gives people a reason to watch their movements, better their aim go for power weapons over all just start getting better. As of now This system does none of that in fact logically speaking I can be carried to about gold one with piss poor skill because at gold one you start losing a big chuck of gp.

So no, just no your reason doesn’t line up when you put in the math

Edit, I had to fix my math for FFA

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All I know is I hit is solo & with many other accounts to get the master skins for others.


I’d get like 3,000+ gp , which is beautiful compared to the old days where I’d get 5 points! Haha

Got it in 7 -11 hours of playing, not straight though.

& even if you lose as long as you keep trying you can still get something

Also I meant 3.1k as in just racking in points. But even deducted it’s way more .


Versus now:

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Don’t see how your getting above 3k after onyx or even after silver for that matter, in fact the screen shoot you’re showing me more or less defends my point, in fact if the old system was based off damage then that would mean getting kills are worth more then anything else, which in koth defeats needing any gp for the ring.

I get above 3k all the time.

Not deducting the entry fee.

But still a bunch load more than 10 measly points.

Had to win at least 20 games straight to even be an diamond

& now it’s given like candy.


Then add something like this after the cap is removed

Add gp loss on death.
Bronze I - 100gp per death
Bronze II- 125gp per death
Bronze III- 150gp per death
Silver I - 200gp per death
Silver II -250gp per death
Silver III -300gp per death
Gold I -350gp per death
Gold II -500gp per death
Gold III -650gp per death
Onxy I and onward -750gp per death

Boom if you die, that is on you and death is unavoidable in the game, however I get in order for that to work, the sever ping has to be fix which to this day is still ■■■■■■.

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