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Can we please re-incentivize CAPS and BREAKS IN KOTH!

Lots and lots of positives lately. The gnasher feels really good performance wise. Lots of really good changes made to the ranking system. But the 1 negative that has to be changed…KOTH needs a change to scoring badly. KOTH is not team deathmatch. Their ia no way that the incentive to perform should be heavily weighted on kills or kills to deaths in this game. I am really sick of playing where its me and 1 other guy doing all the dirty work when it comes to breaking. The other dudes will jump in at the last minute for a cap, but by god they aren’t gonna take the chance on dying breaking a ring. Im so tired of dudes on my team having 100 plus elims and 0 breaks. This is an objective based game. The point is controlling or taking back an objective. Not how many people you killed. I had a match that I actually. Just lost 2-1 after the other team had a player quit after the 2nd match. We lost the 3rd one b/c the other team played as a team. They broke. They capped. All togethor. 1 guy on my team I swear to god had a sniper rifle I his hand like 50% of the final match. All he did was Lancer from the edges and snipe people and tried to avoid dying. I had 15 breaks at the end of the match…him 0…0…0…Their should at least be something that penalizes players for not contributing at all to 1 aspect of the objective…if you have a 0 in either breaking or capping their should be a heavy penalty. Enough is enough. Its becoming un-fun. And KOTH is one of the best modes in Gears. Please…again. Not team death match. Not how many guys did you eliminate. Not get the best k/d. Its King Of The Hill.


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