Can we please have more game modes without aim assist

Let me just preface this by saying that I understand TC are not making the game for just me, and have a large audience that has other preferences.

I know some people may need/enjoy aim assist, but for me and a lot of others (mostly the core gears fanbase) it just isn’t even worth playing.

Currently if you want to play gears without aim assist enabled (Actual gears of war as seen in GoW 1, 2, 3, 4 & Judgement) then you are restricted to:
Execution: 5+ minute queues to get in 90 ping NA servers (Im UK)
Escalation: 30 + minute games with regular intervals for weapon changes.

Honestly it’s kind of crazy to me that they’ve bottlenecked the actual unassisted gameplay that everyone loved into just the 2 most hardcore modes.

I can’t practice the game unless I want to spend hours watching people pick weapons in escalation or pull together 10 players for a custom match. Seems insane to me.


Ranked does NOT have aim assist only quickplay does. Here is an article about that:

Here is a tweet by Ryan Cleven talking about aim assist not being in competitive:

Good day to you sir.

That’s incorrect.

Go to the versus menu and hover over any of the ranked playlists. There’s a button option to see “more details/info”. You’ll see every mode in ranked either has “core” or “competitive” aim assist listed under said details.


Wow just saw that smh TC going against their word for ranked. Hopefully someone from TC sees this and replies. Hadn’t noticed that button lol but I’ll admit I’m wrong.


Glad you realized aim assist is there in tdm, guardian, and koth. What blows my mind though is if you have played any of these modes at all you should have realized it right away, first time I shot the lancer I literally said WTF out loud.


I had no clue, I just knew it felt different. For a while I was convinced that the weapons were just too strong, it wasn’t until I tried escalation I realized.

I think a lot of the community feel that something is wrong but aren’t aware that aim assist is the cause.

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Exactly. At first I thought the weapons were just overpowered, but it is clearly the fact that people are just barley missing shots now due to the overpowered aim assist.

I’ve only shot the lancer in quickplay so I noticed it there. In the ranked tdm matches I’ve done I’ve just used the gnasher and it felt the same as previous gears games the only difference was that now my ping was 10 and the shots were going off right as I pressed the trigger so no lag in other words.

But I agree all ranked playlists should NOT have aim assist enabled.


They should have aim assist because it’s necessary on controller and has actually been in every Gears game.

The aim assist should be toned down significantly though. It’s ridiculously high right now.


I think when people say “remove aim assist” we need to just assume they mean this new versoion of aim assist included in core modes.

Nobody has ever had a problem with baseline controller aim assist.


I’ve gotten into arguments with people who claim Gears has never had aim assist since its inception.

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I don’t doubt that. This forum has come to be full of very loud, very uninformed gamers.


Also like they have quick play games modes, are those the perfect places for aim assist and bullet magnetism?

That’s certainly where it should be IMO.

I do understand why they added it, definitely lets new players get to experience what gears is like without being styled on by XxBouncyBallsxX. But at the end of the day they are training wheels, and I can’t fathom why they’ve put almost the entire game on training wheels and restricted the real gameplay to only 2 playlists.

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Yeah I meant to say tone it down to previous levels as Juicy stated sorry for the confusion. Last thing we need is TC removing aim assist completely …:thinking:although I won’t deny I’d like to see the forums after that :joy:. Good day to you all.

I bounced and blind fired gnasher in gears 3 very effectively I don’t think blind firing uses any auto aim?

Just to clarify, he said competitive not ranked. Competitive will not have aim assist. Nothing he has said mentioned ranked won’t.

I know but what he is saying can be misinterpreted considering that ranked is where you’re supposed to be matched with similarly skilled opponents to make the match competitively fair unlike quickplay or else what’s the point of having two TDM/KH/Guardian playlists if they do the same thing? Also most of the gears community seems to agree that ranked playlists are the competitive playlists, or else why do you think there’s so many fans posting about ranked having auto assists? All I’m trying to say is that TC can easily make new and old players happy by leaving all ranked playlists without that new auto assist and quickplay with it. I just want this game to thrive for years to come. I ask is it wrong as a fan to want this game to succeed like previous gears? Goodnight to you all.

You are fine to dislike it (personally so do I) but you were stating that Ryan had gone back on his word, which wasn’t the case.

Escalation and Execution are listed as competitive modes, the rest of ranked is labelled as core.

ok that’s cool you’re still wrong