Can We Please Have An Option Turning Hitscan Off in Gears Ultimate?

Hitscan is the reason you’ll never have that Gears 1 feeling ever again. Epic thought making everyone host would fix the host problem, but that’s not what made their game unique. Nobody cared for someone who was really good on host. For example, if you created a montage all on host, people would just think you were bad. There should be some sort of option toward either turning hitscan off or utilizing it implementing bullet lag for everyone on Gears Ultimate. I wanna lead my shots like a skilled player, not aim it directly on them like every other game. It’s so funny and stupid to me, that gears doesn’t realize, all they would have to do is release a gears where everyone leaded their shots, and it would become the #1 game all over again, because it would separate itself from all other titles like it did when it first came out. If you like gears 2 3 4 5, you like games created for everyone rather than what gears creators said themselves. “gears 1 was created and aimed toward the skilled player, but for future releases, we wanted to make games even children could play” I play 1 game, 2006 Gears of War 1, the last game created for men.

Source right now or ____ off.


Beat me to it.

Ok, this guy must be trolling.


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The source is epic, I don’t remember the exact phrasing, but for a fact, they said “Gears 1 was aimed at the skilled player” in 1 way or another. I remember the day I heard it, because I knew they were going to make it more like halo, which they did. Remember when shotgun battles were long? Arguing against this, just means your pro host. I’m sure it would be a rude awakening playing offhost on Gears 1. We just want an option to add bullet lag for everyone, that’s it.

So a bunch of horse-■■■■, got it. @GhostofDelta2


how am I trolling. Anyone who still plays gears 1, this is what we thought Gears Ultimate would be, which it was in beta. Everyone led their shots. We tested it at E3, and then when it came out, they had added hitscan and in every gears 1 players mind, ruined the game. We just wanna lead our shots like in the beginning.


No wonder I’m better than everyone else.

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Gears 1 was the 1st last and only game not using Hitscan on xbl and we believe it’s what made it unique. If anyone who only plays future releases, stepped into Gears 1 off host, they’d get destroyed. Why? Because every release after Gears 1 uses hitscan so you don’t have to lead your shots. We just want like and oldschool gametype or something similar where everyone leads like the original

Speak for yourself.

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Play gears 1 off host, and you’ll be reminded what skilled means

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Gears 5 Lacks weight and Intensity


But will YOU ever be able to provide source for you ■■■■■■■■ claims?

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I’m not here trolling or trying to start problems, I just know I speak for the rest of the Gears 1 community that we wish there was a gametype where it was like Gears 1 off host, and instead of having a host, everyone has to lead their shots.

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Oh yeah I forgot :pensive:

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While I agree learning to time lag and lead your shots was a fantastic skill In Gears 1 and 2 until TU6 where client-side hit detection accepted pretty much anything (Torque still wasn’t hitscan as an aside) I can understand why Epic changed it.

It was a very janky game to play and watch, and like with almost every game series the developers and publisher wanted to increase the number of people purchasing and playing the series.

Gears UE hasn’t had updates in a long time so I wouldn’t expect this would happen, but for nostalgic purposes, this would be a cool option to have but certainly not worth the development time or cost to implement.

I presume you mean TC, Gears isn’t a company. and this is an incredible claim. Its one thing to personally want something to happen and another to make grandiose claims.


I am not sure what, if anything, you are misquoting here but the only thing I can think of being remotely close was Rod talking about making the easiest difficulty in Gears 3’s campaign a “tourist mode” where people didn’t need skill to play through the story.

I have certainly never seen any Gears 1 dev’s state about how they wanted versus MP to be created or aimed towards only skilled players, I have however seen plenty of quotes about how MP barely made it into Gears 1 due to time pressure and how it being well-received was a lucky accident and wasn’t close to what Epic wanted if they did have the time to polish it.

Gears 1 Multiplayer was almost axed because Epic didn’t have much time to get it working source:

It also wasn’t the Multiplayer CliffyB wanted, he wanted players to purchase weapons inbetween rounds like Counterstrike (as per the above article and this link to a since deleted tweet ((Main) Cliff should come back)


Thank you😌

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hides my copy behind my back

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