Can we please get something exclusive for spending $80 instead of $2?

I pre ordered the UE as well ($120 in Australia). Then cancelled it as soon as the game pass thing was revealed. Pre orders are always open to cancelling, it’s not that hard to get a refund.

Used the $ to buy 3 years of live and did the $1 thing (total cost $165).

OP should have done the same. Crying about it now and expecting more is pointless.


Thanks for the laugh OP.

You should have gotten the game for $2 and then bought it for $25/$30 for Black Friday

You get 2 stickers and a steelbook

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This. This is actually a smart move. We all know that most games go on sale during the holidays and black Friday, regardless of whether the game is 2 months old or a day old.

Take notes OP.

Some really good ideas in here…

… we’re gonna use zero of them, thx

I had forgotten about that, but my point is still the same that over the years game pass users spend more money to play gow than those who paid the total sum. So I do not believe those who could afford the £80 deserve any bonuses.

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You didn’t hear about the deal for $1?

I got three years on my gold, which I’d need to buy anyway. Converted itUltimate for $1, and I’m no longer paying anything for the next three years.

By then, I’d have been done with Gears 5 (I don’t intend to complete it anyway). If I really love it so much, I could’ve bought a digital or used copy then for much, much lesser then.

Not to mention game pass allows me to download other games as well. It’s a no-brainer. Sinking the $80 is not an option for me.

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I paid $1 for 3 years… So look at the math? Not u understanding what you are saying…


Only paid one month of Gamepass and they converted all my months I had left of XBL (around a year) into Gamepass ultimate, which includes XBL and Gamepass for both Xbox and PC. So basically I’ve got Gears5 for 1yr for the price of one month of Gamepass.

$1 for 3years PLUS the price of padding your gold sub out for 3years, yes

Well done you

Regular edition is $59,99 plus the $2 for games pass ultimate. It could be cheaper if the game goes on sale but I didn’t count for that because currently it isn’t on sale.

I totally agree, if they got anything extra I’d put this down for borderlands

Oh wait lolol :joy:

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I know this doesn’t help, but pre-ordering Gears games has become less worth it because all the good stuff is locked behind “promotions”. That’s why I didn’t pre-order myself, I just waited for the codes to go up on eBay for a decent price and got all the benefits of pre-ordering and then some.