Can we please get something exclusive for spending $80 instead of $2?

Ok so I get it. If you bought the game, you own it oppose to renting it via game pass. However what I don’t get TC! Is how in the hell do game pass owners get the same exact benefits other than owning the game as people such as I who spent $80 on the UE? Do we not get anything exclusive at all? This sucks in so many ways. As a fan, I preordered the UE way before the new game pass was introduced. I think that warrants those who did the same as I did something that game pass owners can’t get!



I payed for it, but truthfully there isn’t a reason to ask for something special. You can cancel pre-orders, even digital ones. I do it all the time if I change my mind or decide to get a physical copy of a game instead. The real reason to buy a gamepass game isn’t even for actual ownership of the game…it’s so your money goes to the devs that make the game. It’s extra support for something you love.


Oh but you did get something gamepass owners didn’t get




Exactly lol

They need to allow owners to earn iron just like credits in Gears 4. Now, there would be some incentive to buy the full game besides renting it.


You get the game for life by paying $80, we paying $2/m in 4 years will have spent $96…

You played it a week before everyone else with T800 skins, thats why you paid full whack.

If you had waited you could of rented it and got the same - 6 month Pass on ebay is £22…damn that must hurt!!! lol

Has any other Game Pass title given anything extra to people that actually bought it? :thinking:
Truly curious.

Lol I think you need to take another look at the deal, it’s £2 for the 1st 2month then £15 a month, by 4years from gears release I’d have paid around £650 (quick majth, walking streets)

To be totally fair TC shouldn’t be allowed to offer buyers more for buying the game, for the simple fact that gears5 and gamepass are both Microsoft products and microsoft are using gears as a selling point for gamepass ultimate, as such if they also then pushed bonuses for buying the game against gamepass they would be competing against their own interests, possibly even breaking some laws

I know I’d have grounds for a miss sold gamepass and would demand a full refund out of principle.

It just now dawned on me that Ultimate Edition buyers got janked again unless I’m missing something.

Why spend $79.99 when you can spend $61.99? If you want to buy the game and have everything without spending the most amount of money, get the game through game pass ultimate, let the pass expire, and then buy the base game and keep all the extras. Maybe even spend less if you patiently wait for a sale.

Or, you know, get a physical copy for dirt cheap since I’m sure many have been sold/returned to GameSlop by now.

I went all in and got ~3yrs of live cheap and then converted it to ultimate for £1. Doubt I will pay £15pm or whatever they are asking after though.
You would have been daft to buy Gears 5 on release over that.

I might pick up gears 5 when it’s about £2 digitally in 3yrs time though.

First, preorders can be cancelled so that was your choice. If you bought it physical you got the steelbook which is a collectors item. There was never any reason to buy the digital version when Xbox Game Pass Ultimate exists unless you want to own the game and/or don’t play other games.

For many people Xbox Game Pass and Ultimate is something we subscribe to for very long periods of time, it’s just there. All 1st party games show up day 1, it’s the future.


I got the ultimate edition as well. That was unplayable for the first week or as I like to call it tech test 2.5.

And then after playing it for a week after its real launch and hated every second I uninstalled it so I am feeling pretty bad about my life decisions ha ha.

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I’m curious how you got that number. By my math, Game Pass Ultimate subs could have gotten it even cheaper than that. $2 for the 2 month deal, unsubscribe after that then buy the standard edition at that time (will almost definitely be $30-$40 by then, especially with the holidays).

Same day one experience, skins, characters, early access, full ownership of the game for $32 compared to us clowns who paid $80.

I guess we can just take solace in knowing our full price purchases are at least helping keep the microtransaction costs down. :grin:

Oh wait…


It’s not $2/month forever. I’m pretty sure it was just for the first 3 months. Then after that it goes to the standard $15/month. So after 3 more months we will have paid more than the $60 retail price tag.
I know there are plenty other games on game pass but Gears 5 was the only reason I subscribed to Game Pass ultimate.

Some people got lucky on a deal, doesn’t entitle you to free benefits and doesn’t make anyone less of a gears fan.

Nah. Ultimate pass played a week early too. Stop hating on every post you clown.

I have gamepass ultimate until 2021 with that said, I wanted the steel book so I also got the ultimate edition. It was very well publicized that gears 5 would be on game pass day 1. Ultimate users got to play early and what not regardless I dont care that I didnt get anything “special” over anyone else. I knew what the options were before hand and I made my choices based on the options available. I dont see why you would expect anything special.


I could see that. I did not pay $80 since I am playing free though GP Ultimate. Free because all my Live time was free through the rewards. My GP times was free as well. Then it all converted to long term GP U. I will buy the game for my collection once it gets cheap. Probably a higher edition just because. It will be $20 by then.