Can we please get an option for this game where I win all of the time? (no whammies)

Happened to me once (a grand total of 1 time). Went against that Plancarte guy.

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Its just rare, not saying its acceptable but in all my time of playing. I just never encounter people like that.

Link? Source? Swaws?

Almost 9 :nerd_face:

I was rounding up because it sounds more significant.

We’ve had 3 generations of consoles with GTA 5, thats pretty sad. And with the worst city in the United States inside that said game.

Im waiting for a midwestern gta city to make its debut.

Obviously Chicago is the best choice considering its the city you think of when you think of the midwest.

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modern people and time lords.
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In this Serfdom of Life, One can only look upon the “Time Lords” with envy. They were born into it. A “Birth right”.

@GB6_Kazuya At this stage of my life, im quite comfortable with all my bad choices. I will scream it from the top of the Highest of mountains…“I LIKE FORTNITE AND GEARS”!. …And my Good god bro. You are observant. I think you might be the only one to notice my avatar. My daughter made it for me when she was 11. I liked it. I kept it. My youtube avatar is a Lizzie pic. I like to menage it.

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“Drinking again” implies I actually stopped at some point.


This response did not disappoint me. :beers:

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