Can we please get an option for this game where I win all of the time? (no whammies)

This is literally why its impossible to get new people to play the game. The videos are all over youtube and the internet on how to modify the game. No recoil. Rapid fire. Perfect aiming. Its rediculous. I keep playing but the higher in rank i go the more i find these individuals who suck so bad they have to cheat. Why does this have to be a scenario where i either join them or just stop playing all together.

So because it’s on YouTube means cheating is rampant and unavoidable in Gears 5. Where’s all the complaints, then?

And right now, this is just a rant thread with no evidence.

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I love the term “modded people”.

Boo hoo! People are modded with superior intelligence, dexterity and reflexes!


Congratulations. You just answered your own question considering how many of these rant threads you’ve made over the last couple months.


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I would take you more seriously if you actually responded to the people here.

You make a post like once or twice a week, rant and then leave.

Im the only person who can do that.


still better than reading nfl posts :3

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Everybody cares about my nfl posts :sunglasses:.

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The worst part is you’re not even actually wrong with that. Some people care because they’re into it, others do because they’re clogging up actually interesting discussions.

See, your friends like your NFL stuff :yellow_heart:

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Well duh :sunglasses:

There’s tons of posts that dont interest me in the slightest, but I dont say anything because it doesnt bother me. Nobody says anything to me about my posts so I keep them going.

I usually keep my nfl discussions in the off topic section anyways or in the post I made years ago.

@RelaxingKoty Please comment on the nature of this comment. Truth or lies?

Let me rephrase that, nobody tells me to stop.

Everybody tells me that they dont care :joy:

If you ask me, the two are synonymous.

Besides, didn’t you get a literal dedicated thread to it all? It’s like when spargo and pizdets got the off topic banter thread, not that I recall if you were around back then.

Cronus zen

The two are different for me.

Not caring for me means like im not gonna pay attention to it.

And saying stop means like I dont want to see it because I do care enough.

Well of course. But seriously everybody here goes off topic.

Well I never said it didn’t happen, did I?

There’s just a difference if the discussion still remains slightly Gears related, or someone just throws up random NFL facts for god knows what reason.

I play versus exclusively almost every day and never see evidence of actual cheating. Either I’m oblivious or it’s over exaggerated. I’m usually in the top 100 or 200 and still just don’t see it, not that that makes any difference.

Well be sure to let me know when I go off topic :wink: