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Can we please come up w/a Better penalty to stop quitters?

Every match now in ranked KOTH where a team loses the 1st match, tbeir is always a qujtter…Always…their is no point even playing tbe matches after that if they don’t count. At least a 1 day no play penalty for the quitter, and much heavier handed points penalty.

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There already is a quit penalty…

Okay…can it be more heavy handed is what I’m saying…

They can create more and more accounts… Somebody close one of them and another one will be opened… :roll_eyes:

@MikelTheLastOne I need an education then. Isn’t ranked a cumulative scoring system? I dont care if they make another acct and play. I just dont want them playing on the account they are trying to rank up w. And make it after 3 quits in a certain window,they lose all their points and start all over…the quitting to avoid taking more of a loss is (a) unfair to the other team. (B) unfair to your team. And © just plain sorry. I’ve had plenty of matches where we lost the 1st one and came back to win the next 2. It just happened to me where we lost 2 in a row after winning the 1st . Guess what? Nobody on the team that lost the 1st one quit. Their needs to be a bigger deterrent, b/c apparently their are lots of people that would rather take the penalty then the loss of more points.

They should make it so if somebody in your team leave’s and your team loses your entire team don’t not lose and/or does not gain points in my opinion

It’s not the quitters, it’s the matchmaking and the game being terrible.
If u play cod and people quit, new people join.
They want the playlists in gears to be super duper competitive without any quitting. It’s not gonna happen. Fix the game. Fix the matchmaking.

Enough w/ “its the broken matchmaking”… IF YOU START IT, FINISH IT"… You are gonna get matched against better people sometimes. Or you are going to get matched against people that are worse that just play as a team better. If everybody breaks and caps togethor its hard to stop. But quitting every time you think you are gonna lose some points is a straight up, “lil ■■■■■ move”. BE A MAN AND PLAY IT OUT…Im sick of playing 1 match and somebody on the other team that’s losing being gone.". …GET OVER YOUR EGO. YOU ARENT ALWAYS THE BEST PLAYER THAT JUST HAPPENED TO BE PUT ON AN INFERIOR TEAM. " "YOU ARENT BETTER ". YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE.
@Mostro_MLP They did make it like that. After the match that has the quitter in it ends, nothing counts. But, the match that they started in counts. And it should count. If nothing ever counted if somebody quit, you wouldn’t ever have 1 match that counted. People that are losing would quit every time. News flash kiddies: life isn’t like this. You can’t just quit every time something gets hard. Suck it up, put your big boy pants on, take your lumps, and learn from it. But enough of this Bull ■■■■.

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I don’t even play ranked, but THEY CAN FIX MATCHMAKING… it’s a fact.
Titanfall had an awesome matchmaking system. you’d practically only ever play against those within a few levels up or down of your bracket. Yes some were better or worse,but the skill gap was much less pronounced. No onyx players facing noobs.

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You should be de-ranked on your next completed game if you quit.

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Matchmaking is indeed quite awful when solo rolling…

Exhibit A: Round 1

Exhibit B: Round 2

That being said, on this match I did happen to move up 90 points… so I’m not entirely disappointed. I was surely expecting they would tank me for the loss.

As much as we’d all like matchmaking to be perfect, it isn’t near as bad lately as it has been. But nonetheless just play it out. If you are good enough to move up and rank up, you will…regardless of losing a match or two or three. …“poor matchmaking” is not a reason to quit before the 1st match ends.
Once again…my first two KOTH matches today, both had quitters. What I don’t understand is why a guy on my team quit after the 1st match that we won, and won fairly easily. At that point its pointless to even play the rest out. Why quit period. But really, why quit when you are winning? The quitting is so out of hand…