Can we Please Campaign for a Return to Simplicity Regarding Characters/Modes in Future Gears Games?

This is NOT an anti-microtransaction post. I am completely fine with the option of paying for characters/skins. I am trying to fight for a game in which more characters can be added regularly, and are playable in all modes, free of overwhelmingly undesired systems that restrict and limit their use.

Can we please stay vocal on this issue and do our best to respectfully communicate to The Coalition that we want a return to the simpler days of the franchise? All we want is what we always had, nobody asked for or wanted a system that requires every character to have a specific set of perks and abilities developed for them and balanced before the character can even be added to the game, taking so much time and resources that only a single handful of characters can be released in a period lasting three months.

Please, can we fight for the return of the simple pleasure of being able to select any character that we have unlocked and playing as them in Horde mode, regardless of whether or not someone else is also wanting to play as that character, and free of restrictions caused by each character being locked into a predetermined class? If classes must be in Horde at all, can we please just go back to the simplicity they had in Gears 4? Any character able to be any class, with all cards for a class available to any character rather than certain cards locked to specific characters?

I know that nothing can be done at this point regarding characters and modes in Gears 5, the system the Coalition has decided to employ is too deeply woven into how so much of the game functions. All we can do now is continue to campaign for a return to how things were and have always been in Gears, and hope that we can influence a positive change for future games in the franchise.


Sadly its never gonna happen because of the “Hero System” I asked in a dev stream awhile back if there was any chance of characters being added then have the abilities added later on so we’re not drip fed content and the response I got was that it wouldnt be fair to Horde/Escape players.

Also I ask if they planed on changing the system so its not locked to characters as per feedback from the community (again so we’re not drip fed content) and the answer was no.

So with TC’s stupid decision to keep these “Hero Abilities” locked to characters we just have to wait until they can come up with and balances these things

TC doesnt realize how much money they are actually loosing out on because of this.


I fear that the hero system will spill into pvp.

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It has with Arcade Mode


yeah, i should have specified that i meant the core pvp - tdm, koth, etc

but yeah, arcade having it was a no brainer for TC

i pray for this game

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If they do what they did with Operation 2, then I’d imagine Operation 3 would release with two of the following: Clayton, Cole or Paduk and then two Swarm characters. If that is true then that means you’ll have to wait eight months after the release of the game to play as a character from the campaign.

It’s actually crazy to think how long it’s going to take them to release a character that you’re actually looking forward to if they’re only doing two COG/Swarm characters every three months.

They’ve really shot themselves in the foot with this whole Hero system.


There’s a wise saying… “If it ain’t broke, DON’T fix it”

The character and class selection in Gears 4 was not broke… But TC decided to fix it anyway and broke it.

What’s next? Putting those same restrictions on PVP? Wanna play as Marcus in Arcade, well too bad someone else already picked him. Wanna play as Raam in Verses, well too bad someone else already picked him.

Occasionally I see the logic for this being that it does not make continuity sense to have two Del’s. To that I say, ‘ then why are there Halo and Terminator characters then?’ And if you want to be technical, Raam, and the Kantus shouldn’t exist in multiplayer either. And if you’re that far into the rabbit hole, Lizzie and either JD or Del shouldn’t be choices either.

But bringing this back on topic. What was wrong with being able to play as Anya or Griffin in Horde in Gears 4? Absolutely nothing. What was wrong with having duplicate characters or classes in Horde in Gears 4? Again, absolutely nothing.

I agree, this broken system is too embedded in Gears 5 to change here. But please TC, go back to the Gears 4 design when y’all get around to making Gears 6.


I believe if you are going to make a Class system, then you should do it properly, Gears 4 Horde was a good idea, but poorly implemented, i spent months getting my Engineer to the level i wanted it, just for some ignorant ■■■■ to will nilly buy a MG Sentry while i am saving up for a Turret. The Engineer should be the only one building and repairing, the Scout the only one collecting Energy, and it is dumped automatically, because some are ignorant and forget or just do not bother dumping.
The Class system must be done proplerly, or not at all.
As for the Heroes, i can understand why The Coalition do not want two of the same characters in the game, however, it could be worked out you have the same character with a different skin as a compromise. Other than that, the Class system needs to be done right, or not at all. I can not see them getting rid of the Class system, but i can see them doing it right.