Can we play the beta on July with game pass ultimate? GEARS 5

I have game pass ultimate and i downloaded gow 5… if it’s possible to play the beta on July or i need to buy the game?

You should be good.

You can DL Gears 5 now?


Didn’t look to see how big it was, but more or less a placeholder with digital rights.

Didn’t realize pre-downloading was this early. usually it’s the week of the release no?

I’d say they will drop the 100gb+ download a few days before launch.

Yeah, watch it be 200 gb after all the DLC and updates are released. Especially if they made the world that big to explore

Gears 4 is around 120GB. This new one may be the new record breaker for sure.

Oh yeah, minimum 150 gb I say

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Gears 5 will be available to download on the 5th September.

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I wonder if it will be a full digital copy?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also gets you into the Tech Test!


That’s amazing! thanks for the reply!

On, the 5th September,

Yes :v:

So Envii - if I pre order from bestbuy/GameStop instead of MS Store or GP Ult. Does that allow me to play the beta?

It seems this is the case from recognised large retailers.

For example, Best Buy list this on their website:

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You the man lol

Seems like their is so much confusing info right now. It’s hard to track what’s real and what’s not lol

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Here’s the real question. If you have someone else in the household using family share gold and game pass, can they still play the beta (technical test)?

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What day is the tech test on?

17/07/19 it starts. We do not know how long it is for yet…at least i don’t think we do.