Can we not wait a year for new characters please

There’s a serious lack of characters in versus mode both cog and swarm I think they should add
all characters from every gears game to this gears even the none playable like General Karn the drank stranded from gears one the lambet people from gears 3 the first minster female onyx guard the list is endless just some idea


Relax, just wait till more people get bored. More content, will definitely help with player retention.

This is what’s wrong with modern video games.

What happened to just making a good game and releasing it in its entirety? Did CS 1.6 need constant gameplay updates and seasonal patches? Does Starcraft: Broodwar? Black Ops 2 is still one of the most played xbox live games. Good games are good and will be played forever. This constant slow-drip of content in a bid to keep players interested is a symptom of a bigger problem: Boring Games.


There will supposedly be some next month.


I agree one character a week it’s actually cheating us because they aren’t really new just reskins in different colors and armor especially in gears of war 4 50 cards for JD but not 50 cog :joy: a outfit for every game mode

Wow 4 characters that should’ve been in the game in the beginning but were cut so TC can charge them for money. 1530960889594


What characters were cut I only played one game of the beta I was mad because a gnashers was a 4 streak like I’m playing a third person COD

Paduk Here’s a perfect example. This was taken around E3


Wow if they bring back loot crates or charge for these guys i think I’m done im surprised Batista was free not a actual character just a reskin of Marcus the recycled content is getting old Batista even has the same lines as Marcus that’s cool I bet that took Alot of effort

Never said it would be awesome.

I agree. Where’s baird and cole? They’re already in the campaign so why aren’t they in versus?


But they were cut, so TC can add them for, free.

Oh. My word. I didn’t realise that.

When do Modern games do anything free if it’s not for promotion it’s 10.00 for a Lahni skin in the market place a skin yep look really fancy getting bodied in a 10.00 skin that’s outrageous

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One of the Achievement pictures shows Baird with a banner.


A character skin. Not a new character, like a Carmine or a Baird, was what I was referring to, not character skins.

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Please. In this dark age of gaming they’re gonna charge money for them while also giving out a smokescreen PR statement claiming “It’s all gonna be free”

I would suggest a switch to indie gaming. Some of the cheapest, most unique and addicting games in the last ten years have all been indie games. In fact, there’s quite a few indie masterpieces available through game pass, if you had already picked that up for gears. If the triple-a gaming industry has turned into something you can’t tolerate, don’t. There’s great alternatives out there.

If they give away the candy store, the challenge is no longer there.

Scarcity = Value

I mean… they’re much more forgiving than EA or Activison.

Lose* and maybe but maybe because they have that Microsoft support and don’t have to make as much as possible. It’s just the way games are shaping, as much as it sucks. But it will die out soon enough. Everyone made fun of Bethesda’s 2"$ Horse Armor, but now 10$ DLC is praised as “consumer friendly.”