Can we not have TOD objectives of "do X task with a specific character"

This is so frustrating to me. “Here, pay a gross sum for our skins. Ok…and here us out…now, you have to play a basic common skin to get these objectives!” Why does this game not want us to play as “our” characters?!

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I’ve never had a character-specific objective take more than 1-2 matches to finish. I got a"get 10 eliminations using Mac" one today, and discovered that Escape kills counted, as well. Is it really that big a deal to spend a few minutes as a different character?.. or are there more burdensome objectives that you’re talking about?

Nah there are worse, I just generally don’t like those kinds of weird arbitrarily situational challenges

I would spend iron if I could choose from a list of three to replace one. I like the free replacement but it usually is a variation of the one I want replaced

Win a versus match on Insert Map are the worst. They have a nice 3 star reward, but having to cycle MP to get the map is a pain. and unless going into co-op against AI, you may not even get the win.

if its not one thing its another, now you guys dont want character specific challenges,… you want them to complete them for you to while they at it? geez

RIGHT?! I find that really frustrating. I tried to reroll a “get 20 eliminations as X character” one and got “get 10 eliminations as those same X characters.”

Man, This happen to me with the scape objectives
I freaking love scape, I do.
Im falling in love with that concept, even more than horde.

But that daily maaaaaaan I’m sick of that “Escape 3 times, 5 times” they actually not only force me to play modes I hate “Guardian, escalation etc” they ruin my favorite mode by made me play it every freaking day if I want the stars

They are the quickest ones to complete, take less that 5 mins to complete.
They can be done in horde, escape, and MP.

Just curious why you don’t want easy progression in the tour of duty?

Easy progression is nice but not something I care about to be honest. What bothers me is that it’s not creative or fun, it’s just an arbitrary qualification. Like, here, so all the stuff you’d normally do, just do so as X player instead of Y character. I just think it’s dumb… Plus I just like playing my characters, ya know? Like I just bought that new Mac skin and was immediately forced to switch to keegan to complete an objective. It’s not the end of the world, it’s not game breaking, it’s just mildly annoying.

At least it’s better than GoW4 that not only had character specific bounties but ONLY had them for cog. At least in this game it’s like Del OR Scion.

another minuscule complaint thread.

Another non constructive throw away comment.

Look, I’m not saying the game is broken or that I’m leaving gears, and I’m not trying to lump myself in with the people screaming that they can’t be their preferred character in horde. I’m just saying these challenges are lazy and arbitrary. They aren’t creative or fun. I’ve never found “do X thing as Y player” tasks fun. I felt the same way about the credit bounties in GoW4, where there was like win a match as Marcus for 100 credit blue bounties. Except those were way worse because they only existed for the cog. At least in this game those objectives give you cog and swarm options.