Can we make polls to help improve gears 5?

I was just thinking , during the esports streams they always have polls to vote for the team to win and you see the results in seconds .
Could the coalition use this system across all social media and the forums to a gain info more quickly by the fans to improve and implement solutions .Also it helps see what everyone else thinks of certain things too
For example
I personally don’t like the new damage icon and mini map ,
If there is a poll saying

  • keep new damage icon
    -revert to old icon
    -or a other option or design.

I just think doing this would speed up the process instead off waiting for updates which can take ages to arrive . Also it’s giving the fans what the want and love which gives the game longevity.

There is no mini map in Versus.

You can turn it off in Horde/Escape.

There is already a thread to discuss the Omen - it only needs the excessive red taking out and just keep the inverse Omen.

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Yeah that’s fine . But we live in a world thats instant . So why wouldn’t a company use this style as it’s so efficient for both parties . Gaining info quickly to improve or asking what the community wants in terms of events .

I’ve called for in game voting for a long time.

Has there been confirmation it would be in Horde? I haven’t looked at Twitter recently but none of the responses left by Octus seemed to indicate it would be in any other mode than Escape, which is the only place where I see it serving any purpose. Doesn’t seem to have any point in Horde, and I definitely wouldn’t want to have it in Campaign as I’m already not a big fan of minimaps especially when they serve no conceivable point that a big map wouldn’t already fulfill. A directional indicator to locate ourselves in the world would be more favorable.

Also, I haven’t actually seen a setting to turn it off completely. Only to turn its rotation off. Unless that was changed and there now is a setting for it.

Nah cuz then a bunch of TDM players would vote and ruin Gears



I like the idea but TC doesn’t build games that way. They’re pretty confident in what they’re doing, for better or for worse, and we haven’t seen a lot of changes based on fan feedback. Not compared to a lot of other games where there’s a long list of monthly changes and balances based on player feedback.
That’s sometimes good, sometimes bad.

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At the end of the day someone will always be unhappy with whatever choices they make. I would rather TC focus on creating the best game they can based on what they as a company want to create. The entire fan base is such a large group of people with different wants from the franchise and they can’t please them all, so just make a game that you believe in.


Exactly. While I find some of their multiplayer decisions egregious, on the other hand, I appreciate the they went their own way when they made Gears 5 about Kait’s journey. If they just went with what the community requested, Gears 5 would be about 4 bodybuilders shooting bugs.

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If I may bring in my two cents, I think there are matters where TC should listen to players and shouldn’t listen to them. The story direction is a good thing, as an example, it shows they are willing to make a character who isn’t just a man on steroids(no offense to the previous Gears but I was never a big fan of how nearly every non female character was like that in appearance), and most importantly not a Fenix, the main, because that’s the story direction they have chosen. For the better, I might add. Just going down hallway after hallway to shoot enemies was starting to get a little old.

Other matters such as character dialogue are a thing where I would say TC shouldn’t just do whatever they like and pay some attention to community input… but you might also say it’s a mixed bag. At least I would consider, to consider it one, with how some people seem to just request more pointless swearing, shouting and rubbish talk for every character regardless of whether it fits them or not, but I am(and have been for some time) of the opinion TC should put more effort into coming up with lines that suit every character rather than just putting more of the aforementioned three aspects on characters in mass like they seem to have done in 4. Sure, it suits some of them(looking at you Griffin) but I fail to see how being an obnoxiously loud, constantly swearing and rubbish talking chatterbox fits on someone like Anya, or Kait for that matter.

From everything I read and viewed about Gears 5 I have no complaints, not even about the omen because I tried out escape. From No micro transactions and Dlc what’s to hate about Gears 5 so far? All I know is I thought I was done with Gears and everything TC has shown so far got me to come back and preorder. Can’t wait to get my Grind on.

Yeah, no complaints from me. Looks awesome. Having hitmarkers should add a nice touch of feedback for our gnasher duels, and let us know exactly how many pellets we put in them.

Good idea