Can we make friendly fire a real thing?

It adds a new playing field with this change, and yes i get people may abuse this and kill off their own team mates lol we all know kill stealers will get it.

But would be nice to trial it out


It would have to be a setting only available in custom lobbies


It’s weird that only 1 class in the entire game has a friendly fire card, and that it only exists in Escape. It feels like another half-baked idea that wasn’t fully implemented.

I think it could viably added as a daily mutator, but if it was on all the time in Horde people would never play that anymore.

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friendly fire is a real thing in real life


As long as it stays in private lobbies. I will not relive Gears of War 1 again.


Seeing as how they’ve made it more casual-friendly, and the fact that it’s borderline a free-to-play game with new players trying it out all the time, friendly-fire would literally be the final nail for the franchise. I think a limited-time mode would be worth trying.
Gears isn’t trying to be innovative anymore though. Gears is now a piece of nostalgia that takes any and all new developments from other modern games.

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I run into too many toxic teammates to have friendly fire be worth the trouble


People will abuse this and kill off their own team mates. Have you met the player base lol.


Not being rude, but have you ever played halo? The amount of times I’ve been killed by accident (or I killed someone by accident), then that person would continuously kill me for the whole match (just because I intentionally got them back for killing me when I was on a kill streak) … I can’t even count. Yes, I also tricked ppl like that into killing me so I could kick them from the match (then I’d laugh as they messaged me in anger), but it ruined the match, my k/d & it helped the enemy team win many times.

Point is, no, I don’t think it’s a good idea. The gears community can be a toxic people, and given the chance to kill teammates for the smallest things, ppl would def take advantage of that feature and ruin every game. At least halo allowed you to kick the person who killed you, but you could trick the system into not letting the option to kick appear, so you’d have this super crazed person hunting you( and yes, I’ve done this to ppl), trying to get the kick option, but it’d never happen… and I’d put shots into someone enough so they knew it was me getting them back, but then someone else would kill them and it wouldn’t count as anything negative towards me.

I don’t know how TC would even go about implementing a smart system that knew who intentionally killed a friendly, but I doubt it’d be a good system, and I further doubt having a friendly fire system in regular PvP would be good for gears. It’s good for custom matches, not for regular PvP.

Sorry, but I’ll never think it’s a good idea.


The challenge is that there are always going to be jerks out there that want to team kill and game developers haven’t quite figured out yet how to allow the game to understand what is an intentional team kill and what is an accidental team kill.

I was just playing a custom Warzone lobby the other night with friendly fire on and the occasional player would get killed by a friendly grenade or boomshot, or walk in front of a friendlies Gnasher. The trouble is, this could easily be done completely on purpose too. One guy gibbed me because I beat him to the Longshot; how is the game supposed to know if this was truly intentional?

And before anyone suggests the three strike rule from games like COD, I have been kicked from Hardcore lobbies for poorly placed grenade throws, leaving my team permanently down a man at the expense of an accidental kill.

TLDR: I love the dynamic that friendly fire can bring to a game, there is just simply no way to police it in the wilds of quickplay or ranked.

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It is a pretty good idea but not the best. For example, some new players. New people are always coming in and out of gears so if other people found out that they were bad like playing tdm wasting their lives they might just team kill them every round. But i believe if you kill somebody 3+ times you get kicked out and banned for a couple hours.

I want this in ranked TDM, no longer will I be forced to constantly run into opponents shots in order for my team to lose.

I could just grab frags and kill my entire team instead.

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With proper griefing punishment added yes please. Gears 1 had it and it wasn’t that bad unless someone was killing you on purpose. Halo had a vote to kick if it happened too frequently. If done right it’s possible to add it

No because look what happens in rainbow six siege

Keep that crap off

At least enable friendly fire for explosives and frags

Make it a harder modifier in custom horde, I’d love to try that!

I tested it out,but I don’t know why everyone was so shocked


idk, try it again

Gears5 is a casual game…they are not going to add things that make players think

Well according to the dev’s, the new tuning is supposed to be tactical so idk what rock you’ve been living under.

That really did suck