Can We Have SYNDROME Dropshot Again?

Hey, Coalition.

How about you put Dropshot along with next new syndrome skin to be earned on upcoming stream?

And please post info here too, not only on twitter.


Yes please. I missed it because of being busy. But I thought it was just another phantom skin which I have completed the set already!

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Would be great, so I can scrap that too.

The communication of the availability of these skins could be so much better. Not enough awareness leads to frustration.
Also the timings of these things are disgusting for anyone outside the US. There needs to be a better way.
Watching the recording of the stream a couple of days later at my convenience shouldn’t mean I can’t get the skin that someone else did for watching the same thing.


Yes please. It wasn’t announced broadly.

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I myself would like this, but we have to deal with a missing skin bro.

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Twitter is a great way I think just put post notifications on for gearsesports twitter and you are alerted when it’s gonna happen and what skins are dropping. Also some people in discord send notifications when’s skins are dropping.

Yes! This. I’ve been tweeting them is for a while. I’m an avid viewer of their streams and I’m well on my way to collect the rest of the skins but i missed the Dropshot because it wasn’t broadly announced. I really wish I can complete this set.

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I wish TC would make some sort of time table, for all their streams on the current month and which skins might be released for each days.
It would be so much easier to organise and visualise, to notify us when to be ready and prepare to collect them and such.
What time too, so we know in advance.

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I want the snake eyes skin please!!

It would be great for European players to get a chance to get these skins.

Hey guys, the Syndrome skins are given away by the Esports team during Gears Fight Nights. Stay tuned on

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Can you answer my OP, please?

You just told what another moderator put on the old forum: “check Twitter”.

maybe they gonna do that in the future like with the phantom skins

Sorry, i don’t know how they treated missed phantom skins.

What’s the deal?

after some time they return to give some for the second time or for the third time

Hope Coaltion gives us the heads up.