Can we have stim for Jack?

I know this is not a major issue sort of speak. However, it can help when I’m playing as Jack.

Jack can’t receive stim from allies in horde i.e combat medic, or anchor. Some people might will say it’s only a “stim” but it actually does help, a little bit.


Drugs are for cool people, not loser robots

That’s not his fault.


sad DeeBee Noises

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Let Jack shoot guns like classic horde

I get this reference. Nice one.


It’s only going to save him from 1 bullet and he’ll most likely instantly go down from the next 1 or 2 in half a second anyway

Point being is that Jack needs some sort of HP buff (on par with everyone else at least) so he doesn’t go down instantly when he decloaks. I spend most of the game afk in the base, bored out of my mind because I’ll die if I accidentally tap heal something