Can we have OSOK as a permanent social playlist

Does anyone else think OSOK would make a good addition to the Versus structure. Could even take away versus against AI…since ive never heard of anyone playing it besides to grind dailies. Looking at the previous posts about OSOK they don’t seem that they get any traction with little to no replies. So if you want OSOK as a play list please comment and let your opinions be heard for or against.

You already have the wonderful option to play OSOK 24/7 in customs.
And TC better fix Arcade before they touch anything else in Quickplay.


Customs are a thing but that’s not a good substitution the likelihood of getting a full custom game at any time would be far less then if it was an actual playlist especialllly an OSOK custom game. Could even take guardian out of the rotation and add it to the ranked since the player base for that seems to far outweigh TDM.

I second this.

No melees
Headshots only
Longshots only

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OSOK has always been treated like an event so TC making it permanent seems unlikely…I’d love to have Brothers to the End permanent but it’ll never happen because how TC treats their “events”.

they hold them to a rather high standard sadly…But my Master Escapee has a point, those OSOK lobbies in custom are rather common from what I’ve seen along with shotty lobbies etc

It’s not the same but its a close second for the time being yeah?

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Well I don’t touch Customs, because… why would I want to play with 9 bots? Yawn.

That reason is why Gridiron and Dodgeball don’t even exist to me anymore :cry:

Regardless, obviously I’d be game, but it won’t happen.

I don’t agree with a osok dedicated Playlist.

Maybe a Playlist with all event modes which is then voted on

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Yeah I’d like that

I’ve never played OSOK, but if plays like Bunny Hunt with a 50 round longshot and snipers only then I’d play it every day.