Can we have an explanation of how the 'Trust' system will work on the forums?

I understand the forums have only just recently launched, but could we have a more in depth explanation of how the trust system will work on the forums since this is an interesting forum feature I myself and others would like to know about as well as know more about:

  • how many levels are there
  • what functionalities if any will be unlocked as we level up.
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Probs some really miniscule badges and color text nonsense. The usual stuff you’re rewarded with for wasting your time on a colossal level.


Yeah, it’s looking that way to be honest. I was hoping for more advanced features than minor ones. But oh well, one can just hope.

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There’s some stuff like Trust Levels and Quoting that definitely are worth explaining. Great feedback. We’ll put something together when we can.

So @TC_Octus id love to know if “community vetran” will be the only title to chose in the future as well. Thanks

Awesome looking forward to it!