Can we have a Developer Playlist without wall cancelling

So now we have a Developer Playlist to play with, could we see how Gears 5 would play without the wall cancel.

I don’t have any issue with wall bouncing, i do it myself all the time but i think it would be interesting to see how the game plays without the ability to wall cancel. The only Gears titles we have are the original Gears and UE that don’t have this feature, both of which are my favourite without a doubt so i think it would be interesting to see how Gears 5 would play in the current state it’s in but without the ability to wall cancel.

I suggest this not because wall cancelling is a problem as such more just to see how the game would play. In the original Gears and UE you had to be more precise with your movement because you couldn’t just cancel out of it. Good players were able to predict where you were going or notice the animation for your character taking cover and take advantage of it, might even make strafing more of an option again. You could argue that this would also increase the skill gap and slow the game down in a way that wouldn’t make you feel like a slug while running or going around cover, not that i want the game to be slower but removing the speed boost wasn’t the answer TC.

Again i don’t have an issue with wall bouncing, but now we have a Developer Playlist there’s a whole bunch of stuff TC could test for the sake of testing without affecting the main game and get actual feedback from the players.


It would be refreshing to see wall bouncing actually return. I really think the speed of the slide and cancel are causing a lot of the hit detection issues. I’m literally getting chunked through the back of other players models. I’d like a fusion between gears 1 and 3.


I’m down. I think it actually takes more skill when you have to time your bounce, and commit to your decision.

They would need to rework the gnasher to get the prolonged shotgun fights (instead of one shotting everyone).

I could see this working well combined with the removal of the active boost on the lancer.


It would be interesting.

In Dev stream No. 24 Dana and Jamie both hinted that the Devs aren’t fans of the wall cancel so why not try it.

I agree with the OP the game needs to slow down. With the current speed of game play, the ability to wall cancel so frequently and the Gib range some thing needs to change and the Dev Playlist is a prefect place for this to happen.

if they remore wall canceling, the distance from which you can slide to a cover/wall should be reduced as well
if it stays like this, you have an hour to see where the opponent is going to land and kill them


If they know full well that the change would be unpopular even before testing it, then exactly what would be the point? Shouldn’t the playlist be leveraged in a way to make consequential decisions? I suppose the hope would be to sort of “lean” the community in that direction, but considering how unpopular the playlist is (population wise) I hardly doubt it would do that in the first place.

I’m not saying I’m opposed to the idea, just that I’d rather them test stuff like tweaks to existing stuff like movement or weapon placement or even specific gametype changes (many have been asking for classic Guardian changes, might be a good playlist for that)

I could even see them testing out map changes in the future (whether it be Pahanu or perhaps different configurations for new maps which would be dope) but considering how slow their dev process is now I doubt we’ll see it anytime soon.


I’m all for it.
The devs want to go in the direction it seems so why not try it here and see how it goes.
I like the sound of it but I’ve no idea how it would actually play

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My opinion is it would play very similar. I feel the cancel wouldn’t change the game as much as taking off the shot delay.

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I think this is a great idea . Just let us test it and see if it even feels good like that .

While I agree with an option to test this in developer playlist, I also feel like cancelling is the best thing they ever addded to gears. Throwing people off is the key without that it would be so much more boring.

Yeah it will be unpopular,
Very much like the 6 shot Gnasher, new Oman, and weapon recoil. These things happened anyway.

Why not try it out?

The Devs aren’t happy with Gears 5 at present or how the game was released (so it seems by their comments) I would say most of the vocal community are not 100% happy or just put up with how Gears 5 is, Me included, so why not try it out?

It may fall flat on its face and not be right for this game but like every estranged relationship during difficult times in counclling - we have to explore every avenue.

Presonnaly I really like Gears of War 4’s movement. But that’s my opinion.



I am pro this…

but my solution for now is to just decrease overall movement speed by 2 ticks, and increase weapon switch speed 1 tick.

I’ll take no wall cancel. I’ve always felt the introduction of that was the demise of Gears.
It was the reason stopping power had to exist. I wish both didn’t exist. Just commit to the slide or die.


I am going to make enemies by saying this, but it must be said.

Tracking a player has to do with hand/eye coordination, as does any shooter. Your reaction time is the true decider in almost any fight. This is why aceu[Apex legends] can 180 on someone with the sentinel and 1 shot them despite being at 10hp. Removing the wall cancel isnt going to help you track the opponent better. Realistically, you should be predicting where a player will go, and our guess isnt always right.

Really step back, put the nostalgia, anger and subjectivity down. When a player is wall canceling, this just means their character is standing still for a moment before they enter their next input. I think everyone who is “faster than the game” realizes there is a lot of input delay and frame lag, and because localized players arent on enough consistently to play, you end up with bad games where a solo q in EU gets put in a US or Mexico lobby because the game logic doesn’t know what else to do besides force you to queue and find no one. I might just make a video on this because it’s getting to the point where we are gonna start wasting resources on trivialities when we need to focus on core features that arent in the game, e.g. gnasher 1 shot down. I never have trouble beating hyper cancel players, sure I have to adjust but that’s the deeper part of the game, learning the individual player and their habits during the match and playing to those strengths and weaknesses. If you’re struggling against a specific player, well, we all have our match, a wise man named Tai Kaliso said that.

Just got done playing for a hour with a friend, we struggled all night despite me constantly going off. It honestly feels whack when you keep getting lancered down by teams in every game because they have no shot gun game. Until some adjustments are made[revert lancer clip to 30, 20% damage reduction], the same scenarios will play out and frustrate players who simplify it by saying it’s the wall cancel. Nah, just need some of these core mechanics I’ve mentioned in the dev playlist, and I know the game will feel better even if players dont think this sounds like the solution they want. Sincerely hope they give it a chance.

Play the division 2

the dev playlist is to test possible future changes. cover cancelling isn’t going away and very few want it gone to begin with.

wall canceling I don know man @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o I really don’t fancy this idea…

this has to be historic for me… it’s the first time I don’t agree with your show man hahahahaa :smile:

I think I’m going crazy just waiting for something to peak my interest, waiting 3+ months per Operation is too long for me. The content they offer is mostly filler to me, bloodsprays, banners, marks and most character skins are so bad they don’t interest me.

The idea was more testing for the sake of testing and to see how it what play out of pure curiosity. But if the Developer Playlist is only meant for things TC are considering putting into the main game then yeah it’s pretty pointless to be honest.



If the Dev play list did this I would definitely give it ago

I thought the point of a dev playlist is to put things in that may actually make it to game.

Removing wall cancelling feels like moving backwards. This game already struggles with its player base as it is why make it worse? I could see a game of week with it removed similar to osok with no melee, but it makes no sense in dev playlist

basically this,
skins are flavor of the week at best and only a handful of players, mostly streamers, use them
still don’t see the point in banners or bloodsprays, at least they gave some meaning to the latter after a kill
the flag in gridiron is a missed opportunity to show banners

we say this every operation but this time around OP4 could really be make it or break it for gears
I’d say this small playerbase is stretched between too many modes
if we had a decent ranking system in place we could place social and ranked together, one can hope