Can we get this?

Seems like Halo has been getting some love on the toy front, and while i’m not a halo guy, I would absolutely spend the money for a 3.75 inch figure line that was this quality. I could easily drop $50-60 for a great quality Armadillo or King Raven. Granted, i know they tried the 3.75 figures years ago, but uh… those kinda sucked. This seems more like the kind of figures we need, rather than the older (very breakable or poorly done) figures from years ago.

I don’t know who all would want or buy Gears figures and vehicles in this scale, but i would certainly drop some money on getting a good load out going.

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Makes me miss the old NECA figures gears of war used to get.
Those things were a big part of my childhood and now it seems so hard to get them


with the figures and 3d printing being what they are today, it would be an insane amount of details that they could probably put into both the larger figures and the 3.75 inch ones. I would love to see how much detail the weapons could have at that level.

Would love to see them make a line of the dark horse style ones that CDPR have done for Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. They look amazing for the cost.

Want a Lizzie figure in this style :slight_smile:

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I’m still waiting for queen Myrrah figure, Lizzie too

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