Can We Get The Slug Gnasher in PvP

The Slug Gnasher was in the free roam campaign. I forgot the act the and chapter. It was like semi long range Gnasher. The cross hairs was beautiful and the range capabilities was immaculate.

Makes it great for headshot damage. Also I like the crosshairs way more than the regular Gnasher. Why not make it playable? It’ll be difficult to hitshots do to the small crosshairs.

I think that it should be more powerful than the regular Gnasher. With a trade off with longer time in between shots. Long reload times. But mastery of the weapon will feel rewarding.

If I find it I’ll clip it and post a video


It would be cool to have a Horde event that features the Relic weapons. As of now, the only relic weapon to show up in MP is the Dropshot in Ice Queen.


This would be awesome, why not as a power weapon.

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It was act 3 Vasgar. Located not too far from the runway if im not mistaken lol

I would be willing to try it out just too see how it would work in VS.

Would be awesome if we could get this. Maybe replace class loadout weapons with a relic weapons. Baird would get the relic Embar, Keegan would have the relic boom shot, Lizzie gets the Dropshot and so on and so forth. If needs be they could have the Swarm use them and players could pick them up if they want to try something else.

Im getting a little excited about this now … DAMN! I want a relic event for Horde now.

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Did you just say Relic?

Relic confirmed for PvP and Horde!

…I wish.


I know a good few of the relic weapons have been incorporated as class cards but damn if it didn’t feel good having that extra special humph. I could see a Marksman relishing having 2 in the chamber on active instead of having to get a critical kill and a nomad bopping enemies on the head with a relic lancer for that super quick execution.

Just realizing that Lizzie’s card The Hammer lowkey functions like the relic dropshot where it stuns (freezes) enemies. But damn if I don’t want the real thing instead of these vanilla ■■■■■■■■. Not the relic torque bow tho. ■■■■ that ■■■■.

Yeah I really wish they’d do some fun PvP events like that. Relic weapons were a great idea for collectibles but they also had potential for some fun game modes in either Versus or Horde/Escape

Getting pretty tired of playing the same modes from previous titles. TC needs to get creative and think outside the box to make some fun and interesting new experiences.

Control is pretty fun

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It’d be cool to just have more than two shotguns, a Gnasher Mk II or just a new weapon altogether.
And maybe the Sawed-Off too? Pickup only in PvP of course.
I know a lot of people didn’t like it but I’m not a lot of people… Which pretty much sums up the relevance of my input :laughing:

Relic weapons could be a great bridge, so to speak, to implementing more mechanics and some-such.

The relic Snub gives me the idea for a select fire function for weapons like the Snub, Hammerburst, Talon (or Gorgon if it makes a return) and maybe even the Retro Lancer.

The relic Boomshot is almost a Booshka… So yeah, Booshka confirmed! (I wish)
Relic Boltok is likely what they use for Golden Gun?

Relic Retro could open up the possibility of ammo buffs (beyond active reload of course). Could be a great way for the Shock Enforcer to re-debut.

The relic Lancer had the “gun-butt” melee, which is whatever I guess. The bladed weapons like Retro Lancer, Claw and Torque Bow could maybe return to their former melee swings at least? I like the knife for everything else personally.

The relic Torque Bow could be a great stealth weapon - for an alternate way to play Escape for example. Stealth is somewhat accounted for already but they really don’t seem to want you to use it as a strategy.

Relic Longshot and Dropshot already seem to have been used as inspiration for the Marksman and Pilot classes respectively, the relic Gnasher could be really fun as an Infiltrator or -redacted-.