Can we get the old main menu music back. pleasešŸ„¶

Kaits theme is 2nd place for sure.

There are also some really good pieces of music in Campaign that are not included Gears 5 OST.
Arriving in Azura:

Rocket Silo Fight:

ā€œThis is Warā€:


Sand Overworld I think is what its called?


That ones a banger.

I just mute Gears 5 audio completely with Windows Sound Mixer, and play Witcher 1ā€™s OST with VLC player, or some other music.

B-b-but Gears 5 WaS cOmPoSeD bY tHe gUy tHat mAdE tHe GaMe Of ThRoN3S mUsIC

And? It blows, alright?

Gears 2 music takes me back to 08. Hope runs deep is as classic as Haloā€™s theme at this point imo

Should have brought Steve Jablonsky back.

No idea how many times I have said it.


'08 vet :yawning_face:

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What were you doing for 730 days?!

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Give me the gears UE menu music all day


So many ā€¦