Can we get the ability to lock cards (make unscrappable) via the website TC? Please?

The web card companion is really touchy. I was scrapping a gun skin that wasn’t my heartbleed gnasher, then I reload the page and boom, my heartbleed gnasher that I worked for is gone, with no way to get it back.

Can you please add the ability to mark cards as unscrappable? Even if it’s only added to the card companion. It could be a simple toggle, so you can mark it as unscrappable or scrappable.

In game, the card would just have that message “this card is an exclusive and can’t be scrapped”. I don’t think anyone would care about the message it displayed, so if it could just integrate into your existing system for unscrappable cards, go for it.

If we have cards that can be scrapped with no way to get them back, we should be able to have a way to prevent them from being lost.

I’m sick of losing skins that I can never get again due to bugs with the card companion and genuine mistakes.

Let us lock them down to prevent this from happening please.



This is a good idea actually, even though I’ve never had one issue with it.

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This is about the third time it’s happened to me.

One due to a card companion bug and two due to accidental scrapping

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I’m hoping this gets fixed in gears 5 if they are going to keep the card system (hahaha yeah it’s here to stay $$$) at a minimum. Spending time to scrap cards that should AUTO SCRAP WHEN THEY ARE DUPLICATE SKINS, should be in the game.

I understand for horde cards that have ranks and require duplicates, but if I reach max rank on them, if I get another one, auto scrap takes effect again.

I’m sitting on a couple “can’t be scrapped” items that I have duplicates of indefinitely and it irks me every time I see them.

It’s a really nice and simple idea. I used to play Destiny a lot (not since the 2d though, cause its just a copy/paste of the first one), and we were able to lock any equipement clicking the left joystick (or right, I dont remember exactly). That prevented us from scrapping it by mistake.

Im surprised this option is still available in Gears 4 after almost 2 years after its release.

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I think the opposite should granted as well. We should be given the option to scrap UNSCRAPPABLE skins/characters.

Obviously this does not include the standard weapon skins or characters the game provides you, but all the JD and lancer variant that I will never use, the Lucky skins that I’ll never use, and the multiple bronze/silver/gold/onyx skins for the same weapons that I dont need and will never use. Give us the option to scrap exclusives because I can make far better use for the scrap that i’ll get from then than the actual cards themselves that does nothing but make my character/weapon skin inventory bigger.

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I want to be able to lock cards and then scrap anything else.

I think you should be able to even scrap or hide base skins, up to the point of having just one character per side.

Same for weapon skins, the regular card shouldn’t be cluttering the collection - it could be a press X to default skin or be able to hide the card unless you scrap all other skins.

Just to tidy it up a bit and be able to find what you want.

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