Can we get start getting good CS characters now?

Like CS quartermaster Keegan. Or CS farmer Dom? Or even CS regular Dom? Hell I’ll take a CS Sraak!!🤦🏾

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What do you mean: now? There’s so many good good CS skins already. The only ones that look really bad are Benjamin and Myrrah but that’s partially the characters themselves.


Counter Strike!? :thinking:

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I would really enjoy a CS Keegan. I love this character & im hoping for at least 3 more skins for this bad dude.


Would be amazing if they took the opportunity to finish CS Scorpio with the release of the HB-DLC around the corner.


Heck yeah.

Like please stop going to celebrities & focus on your god dang characters.


We can’t love the new characters or make it an easy transition to adopt these brand new characters if they keep focusing on everybody else (non gears related)

Then give us 6 & expect us to connect with them…


To be fair, Scorpio even with their limited dialogue-interaction have more personality and are more likeable than the maincast of the game. At least to me.


I agree on that.

Team Scorpio is a bad squad.

Much rather have a complete flash back campaign on these characters.

Maybe the new face of gears? I wouldn’t mind that at all.

I really enjoy the new characters TC brought.

They should develop these dudes for sure.

Maybe Bernie & Sam. I want a campaign or DLC of them.

I’m hopeful


That’s hard to picture. It’d look ridiculous :joy:


Agree completely, Scorpio sqaud are more Gears than Del,Kait and JD in my opinion. They still fight what is supposedly a losing battle…


I don’t like the Mac, or any of the other CS characters except Baird and Jermad. Which are the only Two I have bought🤷🏾‍♂️

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CS Major Paduk
CS Gary Carmine
CS Jack
CS Dom

I’d buy the s*** out of Chrome Major Paduk, that armor design is perfect for it.

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But we will never get a CS Major Paduk skin because there is already a CS Older Paduk skin… :sob:

I was half expecting all the chrome characters to be available during black friday like they did with all the black steel characters in GoW4.

Chrome Steel V-Day Sam