Can we get some Warzone, please?

Warzone is the proper original Gears experience and it’s completely left out of matchmaking. No ranked playlist and doesn’t even show up in quickplay now.

Execution rules are just annoying and execution has always been the mode for obnoxious tryhards who want everything to be a shotgun duel.


You lost me when you called people who like gnasher battles “obnoxious tryhards”. I suppose lancer campers are just playing for fun then? :joy:


0% chance Warzone is coming back. The reason being it was a dead playlist in 4 (even more so than execution). It was canned from ranked and few voted for it on social.

I agree with you in it being an “original experience” but truth be told Execution was and always will be the original Gears mode but no matter what it struggles to stay alive in Gears 5. If the “big bro” can’t make it, little one has no chance at all.

Just my opinion of course but the fact you don’t even see it in quickplay tells you a lot.

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Tdm is warzone with respawns… campin is bad ebough in arcade tdm, normal classic tdm, guardian etc… (leader has to be executed of course or 1 shot killed. I.e headshot, etc)

Its not comin back… time to get over it. It was dead by gears 3 n remained dead in 4…


King of the Hill was Halo
Annex is Gears

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No disrespect to you OP.Once the issue(s) have been sorted,(Campaign,horde,Pvp.)Then I would like any other modes added,

I agree 100% and bring back warzone. It’s following was smaller than execution but for the reason that it was more difficult. It was the best proof of concept for gears being the best style of team cover based game.

Yes people were prone to post up and fire down the alley but that was because you had one life to chance the advance. You also can’t self revive so you have to rely on a good team to play. The friendly fire made people more cautious about fire fights their battle buddy was involved in. People just couldn’t keep up in the end.

It’s like people who play hardcore mode on other games. Usually a smaller base of players but most are playing at a different speed than people who play casual modes.

Warzone is built into GOW5 and you can set up a private match (one might pop up tonight set to public if people are interested) but should be in ranked rotation.

Warzone may be added back as a featured event, but I doubt it will be added as a ranked playlist. It was dead in Gears 4 after the first week (I would even argue in the first week).

I would argue that it would split up the player base, but its Warzone, it won’t take up much of the player base, and there isn’t much of a player base to begin with.

Returning modes are always welcome, although I would never play it.

I dont think it would be hard for them to throw it into social considering it only has minor differences (code wise) than Execution

Ugh … probably my least fav game, i get the point that you must survive at all cost, but was a super slow type of game. The reason execution was better is because you cant be killed by a lancer in that playlist, and warzone was full of those.

Ive been playing gears since the first one, and never liked warzone.

I played WZ almost exclusively in Gears 2 and loved it. But it died before 4, it was dead in 3. Remember when Gears 3 launched and they’d changed WZ to best of 3? Might have been best of 5, but whatever it was it was too freakin short. That change alone took me out of the experience of it and I never recovered. Which is weird because normally I would make fun of someone on the forums for being so dramatically turned off by something that ultimately isn’t THAT big a deal…but it really ruined it for me. And I guess everyone else too because nobody ever played it.

I tried to play it in Gears 4 for a bit but with core settings it was absolutely unbearable.


No thanks OP. I’d choose executions over warzone everyday of the week. We don’t need more modes to clutter the game with such a small playerbase.

I kind of miss torque bow tag :stuck_out_tongue: