Can we get some speaker skins

There isn’t very many swarm skins compared to hero. Can we get some more bad guy skins skins? lol Thanks

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Same situation with Warden who’s been around since the start. All he has is his base skin and the bland, rare/blue Helmetless version. At least Speaker’s was a gold/legendary, and terminal reward in the Tour. So it sort of feels special.

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Yeah some characters need more skin variants for sure. Every characters should have a few ideally

It does feel bland not having more swarm heroes. I think it would be cool for more character designs. They have been using most of the swarm skins since 06 so yeah we could use a little creativity on the swarm front. Big ups to coalition I love this game bugs and all. Although you guys really could fix arcade mode.

Would love a Chrome Steel for the Warden and Speaker. Especially for the Warden, really great skin. Instead we get a fat Grenadier and the stupid Bolter Drone next…

Tbf that bolter chrome steel skin looks real good but yeah agreed

They could do some cool stuff with a chrome steel warden with helmet especially

In comparison to the CS Drone the Bolter is less than unappealing.

I guess, I would prefer a helmetless version though tbh. Those piercing eyes are something different.


“Chrome Steel Helmetless Warden” would be dope.

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For sure

Here , I made a quick meme for you

I have the blood red speaker skin and it’s dope. My usual locust skin for most matches