Can we get some new skins in the store for God's sake

I am beyond upset about the leaks with 40 plus ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ character skins and we cant even get one skin every week for cog nor swarm we should get at least one the drip feeding is dumb and slow stop it and just stop making the game dry sincerely -Demure


They really need to up their content game but how many times has that been said? Never enough each week or it’s just recycled stuff from a previous operation what no one wanted back then. OP5 was fantastic for content off the bat but you’ve gotta try and carry that on as they are long ■■■ op’s.

I hope when the store does update tomorrow? That it’s double the usual amount

Oh & The leaks have shown there’s a ton of character skins ready made and no doubt the same with weapon skins, so surely just get them out to the fan base at a faster pace


Well said bro <3

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I would be satisfied if they just brought back at least 1 of the old CS per week or biweekly, for the love of god. I want to give them my money, but they apparently don’t really need money that much.


To be fair they were away for holidays, though not much of an excuse as someone pointed out they been doing stuff from home all year… regardless I expect some of those leaks to start coming soon.

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But the leaks happened during the holidays so they’re in the game-files already. No reason to not update the store last week.

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Yea but not at their office, which like I said is really just an excuse cause the whole COVID thing has already shown they can add and do things from home lol


we download the Operations in one big package. it’s not drip feeding, stop calling it that.

this is how the content rollout works and dumping all these skins day 1 just leaves the rest of the Operation devoid of content.

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I mean, kinda?

Cyberpunk dropped with everything in game day 1, so does that mean the rest of it’s life (until DLC) is devoid of content?

If it was about the content people would’ve tuned out. I don’t play gears 5 because i want to pay 5$ for the weekly skin, I play Gears 5 because I’m in an abusive relationship.

You didn’t hear about hetero-Judy yet?

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There’s drip feeding then there’s drip feeding though :rofl:

They could no doubt double the store content weekly and most would be very happy with that


you need to keep in mind the studio needs to balance Gears 5 support with working on their next project. it’s entirely possible that they front loaded characters creation and got bunch done before moving onto the new game.

you might be looking at the remainder(or large chunk) of Gears 5 character skins that they’ll ever make for the game. it’s going to have to last

… I said why they wouldn’t do this above. you double the content now and we’re looking at sparse content later.

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the store’s content has always been bad, even on days of celebratory events I wouldn’t mind if they ran out or put something every 2 months equal to 4


Oml same

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I think you got your wish. Kinda.


I mean sure but one skin per team per week surely wouldn’t wouldn’t hurt them that much, and there’s a lot of characters that didnt get variants. Otherwise I agree pretty much with everything you said.



Been saying this. I sound like a broken record.

They get paid to create cool stuff for a video game. What a life.

The lack of content comes off as the game not being a priority.

Instead of asking the pros what they think or want just make the fandom content & maps.

If the elites don’t like the game play big whoop. It’s a game meant for enjoyment.

We shouldn’t revolve this game off the pro players to appease a niche group.

All we’ve been wanting is steady maps & content.

Also some other ranked modes & to allow stacks in all game modes.

Stacks doesn’t equal an instant win. Just means you want to play with people that don’t get offended if you need some help.


I have no idea why they don’t bring back every CS skin, then add the new ones as they release. Like, why just offer only one?? Is it that much trouble to make extra slots for characters? I mean come on TC… sooo many ppl would buy CS skins they missed, so why not have a whole page dedicated to them? They do this with every new skin in op 4 and 5… they add em to a list of skins, so why not do that with old CS skins, or even previously released skins as well??

I just don’t understand the thought process that happens at TC.


When gears 3 had no more content planned, it didn’t stop ppl from playing. Problem is, gears 5 doesn’t offer a complete experience like 3 did, so the chase for most is the release of skins. If the game was as good or close to 3, it wouldn’t matter if they ran out of content, ppl would still play, but when ya prioritize skins over modes, yea, it’s a lil worrisome thinking about running out of skins.

Either way, there’s always gonna be ppl playing 5 regardless of content. People still play escape and we were basically told escape is done, so that’s just the same thing on a smaller scale.

I’m just saying… I don’t think it’d be bad to get a bigger release schedule of new skins and the return of older skins that were only in the store one time… ppl will always play the game regardless.


You know a game is bad when the studio has its hopes on cosmetics keeping players interested lmfao.
It would be even 10x better to bring back BS skins chrome looks dull and gross in comparison.

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