Can we get some gritty maps please

As title suggests although as mentioned before maps can take the devs up to 6months (crazy I know) but I would suggest some darker maps with original locust, a la tone of original gears of war, why not go play gears of war then?!

I just can’t help but think of some darker environments just to bring some of that original horror gore aspect

I feel like it’s needed what do you guys think?


Yes man I would like to have horde maps which do have the feeling and atmosphere of the first two GOW games… .

With gore tones and lots of blood everywhere… that would truly its amazing.

there was a stage on GOW 5 which looked like a hospital from auschwitz , it really felt obscure and terrying , that would be sick as a horde map.


Like, a map where the locust are in the stands watching as the cog and swarm battle like gladiators and throw different weapons and crap at you and you have to get to whatever they throw if you want it… Sorry I’m drunk.


sorry man… didn’t understand anything LOL :smile:

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