Can we get some clarification from Mods or Coalition on the current suspension system?

A lot of people are getting suspended for undeterminable amounts of times simply due to their internet crashing, or backing out/getting disconnected from lobbies.

And the suspension screen is no longer showing the length of the suspension to be served. My personal profile has currently been suspended for a good 5-6 hours and it doesn’t say how long of a suspension it is. I see other people having the same problems on the forums.

So what’s the deal? How do we find out how long we are suspended? And why are people getting suspended for so long due to disconnects?

Shouldn’t there be some details posted somewhere for gamers to reference? Come on guys

This is a huge problem the not only has TC decided to ignore, but go in the opposite direction of what the community wants.

The information made public is in this document (thought TC has announced certain tweaks from time to time).

More information isn’t made public due to not wanting people to be able to game the system.

As an aside: there is definitely a lot of contention about the suspension system, with some people not wanting it to be as harsh and others wanting it to be much more strict. The main issue arises from the fact that it isnt possible to tell if someone has been kicked by the server , have their internet drop out, or simply rage quit.

Thanks for the response. But this is a relatively new issue in the last week.

Regardless of whether someone rage quite, or got disconnected, The suspension screen no longer says how long a player is suspended for.

How are we supposed to figure this information out? I mean, for all I know I could be suspended for 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours or forever. What happened? It used to display the length of a suspension information.

A lot of players are currently left in the dark, and also seem to be getting suspended for longer periods of times for simple disconnect issues or mistakes.


Unfortunately I haven’t heard anything from TC in regards to this.