Can we get rid of the flashbang?

That’s all. I don’t have anything clever to say. It’s just frustrating and not fun to fight against.


For real.

It’s not even used “tactically”, people just span off-rip… with smoke grenades, ppl at least have some fear of pushing through the smoke.

Just toss, run and get a kill


This is exactly the problem. In a good players hands a flashbang is basically a free kill, or at least a free shot. It’s especially frustrating in KoTH. As a pick up on the map I don’t think it would be that bad, but as a spawn weapon it’s just awful.

My whole thing in game design always comes down “is this fun to fight with AND ALSO fun to fight against?” I have the same issue with the mace. The b-button lunge is too powerful and there’s no real counter to it besides hope the other guy screws up. THATS NOT FUN. And the flash is the same thing. Like “aw man got flashed, guess I’m dead unless the other guy blows it.” Thats poor design.


I don’t think the flash is as much of a problem now, I do feckin despise stuns. So I’d love to see it drop out of starting with it.

As a pick up, it would still annoy me. But the tons of flash spam would at least be gone and I could at least accept it needing to be decently powerful.

pretty sure it’s being changed to pick-up only soon

Needs to be pick up only and rotate out with shock while incends rotate out with frags. Very simple solution IMO.


As a pickup, it would make sense. I don’t enjoy being flashed 30 times right off the bat and then waddling around waiting to recover and hoping some of our flashes prevented some goober from running up and getting a shot off lol

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Terrible idea from the beginning, along with many other terrible anti-Gears ideas TC implemented with Gears 5.


The game is so fast paced damage wise so when it comes to koth in a lot of situations its the only viable way to push, if the smoke still had a stun then there would be a lot less flash bangs

The all knowing pros would lose their minds if flashes were removed or even just made a pickup. I can see it now…

pros enter dev stream

proceeds to spam revert in the chat for over an hour


Until they get muted… and then proceed to complain about being muted…

Mmmm they are pretty animate about the flashbang so I doubt it will change.

Although I do wish it were a pick up item in multiplayer. They could then change it back to being more powerful like it was originally or like it is in the campaign because there would be so few on the map. Then change smoke back to a brief stun. I dont picture it being much an issue if it was cycled with the shock grenade.

This change i’m sure would make many players happy. But fingers crossed and dont hold your breath.

I find the sound really irritating, I have tinnitus and it fukx with my hearing so basically stopped playing the game. Even with the sliders way down it causes problems. Wish you could turn it off


Idk why people think the pros would be against flashes being a pickup/removed.

All of their scrims/GBs are played with rulesets that have smoke and pistol only as starting loadouts.

Smokes are fine w/o the stun too

Flashbangs are used brainlessly like the lunge on the mace.

On top of that, they’re not really that helpful in dire situations. If you’re either…

  • Pinned
  • Need to retreat
  • Need to blind Lancer support
  • Need to flank

Smokes do the job FAR better, even without stun they’re great.

I don’t see what else flashbangs are good for beyond cheap kills. The problem however is the sheer number of them because of the loadouts, And if you’re playing KOTH then you’ll never see the end of them…or anything for that matter. They’re good because of how many there are, but they’re hardly even worth it as a pickup weapon.

If they end up becoming a pickup weapon, then maybe they should get a sound buff where you’re still deafened for a bit longer. Something to give it a niche where it isn’t totally outclassed.

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It’s meant to be used tactically to gain position. Not just throw it where ever and get a kill. It’s such a crutch. You can look away, dive away, run away, but you’ll still get stunned and killed. It’s dumb. Even if it’s thrown behind you and you look at the wall NOPE. Stun then dead. Smdh…

Player gets stunned
Can’t shoot, no defense options
Movement gets slower, can’t escape.
Vision gets skewed
Awful sound
Usually follows with another flash.

Easy too throw
You can see the stunned players
You are faster than the stunned players
You can move unhindered
No damage can be done to you
No awful sound will be played.
More than one victim can be affected.
If you die you can do it again.
You can flash yourself.

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I’m of the viewpoint that flashes are very annoying when you get hit by what seems like 30 one after another and it just ends up ruining gameplay.

However, a stunning grenade is often a necessity in situations with camping/setups e.g a whole team lancering from a ring in KOTH. Situations where a smoke grenade can be detrimental to pushing a player/team, as they can easily mark players and target you within smoke or just be waiting on the other side with gnashers out. Basically I don’t think the smoke grenade alone is enough of a setup breaking tool, especially for KOTH.

Making flangbangs a pick up, therefore means that there will only be certain maps/rounds where they’re available. Making other maps/rounds annoying, if you get a team that setups, or a well positioned crossing player. It also means maps like reclaimed, with an annoyingly placed Tri-Shot position that literally closes off the map that much more of problem. Sure, smokes stop vision but flashes make them drop the weapon allowing for a successful push.

I’d much rather see the return of Gears 4’s Smoke with stun grenade, or the current flashbang but both with a type of “active reload” with a timer (like current actives) to activate the stun.

In the case of the Gears 4 Smoke, throwing the grenade without the active would just be a smoke grenade, maybe even more smoke without the active. But with an active it will activate the stun.

With the current Flashbang, adding an active reload + activation timer would reduce the frequency of flashbangs and even deter some players from choosing them %100 of the time. Making them a much more situational weapon, rather than overused pain that they are currently.


This is the issue, I pretty much only play KoTH and I spend half the game blind.

Like Escape, the Stun Grenade should not exist in Gears. Every other Gears game has done well without it. Can you remember the Stim Grenade, it had no place in Gears of War, it worked well in Horde (Overrun), but no where else. The Stun Grenade is the new Stim, only it does not belong in Horde either.
No one wants it, and those that do, are not true Gears fans, and should go back to Call of Duty.