Can we get rid of Earthquakes in Gears 5 or Maybe 6?

Never noticed how much this bothers me but the screen shaking when explosives and large enemies are around it makes any precision class hell. Pair this with aggressive enemies and you might aswell not even try and shoot, it’s annoying.

Let me select my modifiers man, so tired of trying to hit Usain Bolt only to miss because someone GL’d the roof of our base.


Do consoles not have that option in the settings?

There’s an option to turn it off on PC?

Accessibility settings


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Seriously thank you so much. Going to try this in pubs with Demo/Tact in it.
I still stand by wanting different modifiers…I was just thinking that they should give 2 presets for mutators, right? Set 1 being the normal for all maps and the Set 2 being the Mutators that are whatever Daily Challenge is active. So in Theory you could use the Daily Challenge Mutators on any map, no different rewards obviously.

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Did you both miss the part where it says “Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced only”?

Slap GLs and Salvos out of your teammates hands and hope the stupid bird doesn’t show up.


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I hate everything


Same, same.

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Yeah, I really don’t understand that. I doubt it’s fun to look at a screen having a seizure.

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It’s only bad when you need to be accurate, otherwise you barely even notice the screen shake. It is really bad when you’re playing Fahz though.

And Coles Glory-kills without screen shake actually feel weird.

I noticed. Pretty strange to not include higher difficulties, or pvp, but ¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯

It’s pretty clear its an attempt to make the game more difficult but at the end of the day it’s just annoying considering the amount of things that can shake your screen.

But it’s in the accessibility tab. I believe it’s for people with motion sickness/vertigo issues? So it’s kinda strange to not include higher difficulties.

These are the type of questions that simply won’t get answered but I appreciate the correction, I didn’t realize that.

You could always run Steady Hand (or whatever it’s called)

Maybe Fahz’s new passive could be to lower screen shaking. TC would have to make the passive something like 30% reduced screen shaking as there is already a card for it.

Its not especially when you are playing as Paduk or Fahz. Damn near impossible to get headshots when its happeneing.

Also why is there random camera shake when nothing is happening. I don’t know if anyone else gets this but I was playing on Dam the other day and suddenly that camera started shaking and we didn’t even have the Fabricator placed. It doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen and especially when nothing is happening.


They could change that card into something more for EMBAR as its already inferior, but some people enjoy it.
And then, make less screen shake the passive.

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It’s also annyoing playin as a non Sniper Classes like Pilot… there goes another 10-15 Gl’s without even hitting anything but thank god my Screen shaking and is covered in explosion :joy:

Edit: really hope the Gl gets some kind of Overhaul in the next Entry.

Maybe if it have to be reloaded after every Grenade just like any other Grenade-Launcher it would kind of slove the Issue a bit?

Or even better delete the Weapon entirely.

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Some kind of cooldown or something would be nice too.

Also they should change the “Assault Rifle” damage perk on Tactician. Only encourages them to play with GL even if they hit nothing about it. An explosive ammo perk would be much more suitable for him.