Can we get proximity MiCs implemented

Like the title says.
Obviously , you would have to sign or check box a waiver because of the things you would probably hear.
But i feel like it would bring gears 5 up a few notches in popularity because almost no one does it anymore
( or maybe they still do in other games but i dont play those games)

It would definitely bring back the old gears 1 n 2 feel to it before the party chat bs started)

Please look into it.


Yes Ive always wanted this I could of swore they had it in either gears 2 or 3 beta for a moment.

But yea the game chat days made multiplayer fun. Adding proximity chat would make fighting a stacked team mad entertaining


Would be great to try & force game chat in the tdm 4v4 ranked mode.
It would be better to encourage team work in the mode you can’t play with your friends. Some people have great communication skills and this shouldn’t be cut from their game.

Dude proximity chat is always hilarious.

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LoL nothing was ever better than when you’d come up on someone and kill them and just hear them scream “F***” as the mic cuts out. This would be especially great ina ffa match.


I doubt this will happen because:

a) No one has a mic

b) People with mics are already in parties

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C) people are extremely toxic

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In quick play. I usually talk like everyone is listening anyways. Even when no one speaks. Im pretty sure i get annoying too because i say some random off the wall sht also. :grin:.

Basically i talk like no one is listening at moments

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I use to talk in game chat on rank matches hoping my teammates will be listening just to offer some Intel during a match. In the early days of Gears 5 some players will listen or jump on there mic. After Op3 came out I kinda stop talking the only responses I would get is in Spanish. Kinda funny actually, a few times people will talk back to me in Spanish, say my GT and I wouldn’t have a clue to wtf they were saying. I was smart enough to turn around when I heard my name though. Lol.

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D) I get to hear a family screaming in the background

E) what sounds like the mic going through a blender

Thats why i also said add a waiver check box of some sort.
Basically you would agree and know what type of bs your getting into.

I personally would atleast , like the option. It would make for some funny moments.

I used to love the type of sht tht peoppe would say in gears 1 and 2.
Hell. Tht how i got a few friends on my list to begin with.

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Gears 1 were some of the best lobbies. The pregame lobby and the 8 seconds between rounds :joy::joy:

Taught me how to talk trash basically

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These were the better days

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