Can we get permanent XP boost

Can we get a permanent 2x XP boost? This late in the game with ranks climbing, it’s starting to take forever to re-up. It’s going to be really difficult to go back to a normal XP after September.

They’re likely not going to do any sort of permanent XP until the end of the game’s lifecycle. I wouldnt bet on it they do that sort of thing now.

Forever 2xp seems more reasonable than a weekend or a week with more than that.

No noobs swarming on horde. No servers overloaded.

But I’m not convinced xp boost is the way to go. We see many mid/ hi level players on horde performing like novices.

It’s just to achieve hi wings, anyway.

I suspect they’ll keep 2x and cycle 4x on playlists. Also suspect they’ll have some major 20x events or more closer to Gears 5 releasing especially considering how large they scaled getting max level this time around.

I am almost a wings 4. Would like to hit wings 5 but anything past that won’t happen with a boost.

You’d just miss some horrible icons, so-so emblems.

I’m looking foward to Red Dead 2. It’s next month!

I still enjoy this game with friends, so I will still play it. I am also very much looking forward to red dead!

It would be nice but I’m sure they won’t