Can we get more items added to the store

Looking to complete some weapon skins sets

Arid Gale

Really my guy?


Has anyone got a moment to talk about the savage drone :joy:

You mean the Scuba Diver?


My baby!!

*Scuba Steve.

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See the source image

I know right? Should have played Escape, and get good at it at the time. Rewards are rewards.

But I accept that TC totally messed up on the Toxic skins given the set was incomplete so even people who achieved what needed to be done wouldn’t have the fullset.

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TC did mess up but idk if he had even earned any of those skins, i just think at this point they should stay vaulted.

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Yeah, I totally agree. I mean the OP grinded for the Trinity Skorge skin which to the best of my knowledge is no longer given out anymore, so fair is fair. If people missed out then tough boobies. I mean, I could have bought shares for Tesla back in the day but I didn’t so I live an ordinary life as opposed to like a king… :persevere:


I didnt invest in apple either :upside_down_face:

I think you came way after that ship had sailed.

100% I feel like if the term “exclusive” or event only is given, it should mean absolutely. Gears 4 had no exclusives outside the final Gilded stuff and PvP Diamond/Emerald skins.

Kinda sucks to have something that feels special and then they just give it to everybody for free later on.

Well yeah lol. I just wanted to feel included :pensive:

Absolutely. Next game they need to make it more clear on what they are gonna give out. Its unfair to people who wasted their life working on those skins to just have to pay with gears coins later.

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Just FYI Islander Lahni/Quartermaster Keegan/Delivery Mac were all once $20 in the store and now only some 4,000 Coins.

I think the way they handled the transition was pretty ■■■■. I know they converted Scrap into coins, but kinda feel like we could’ve seen Iron/owned character deposits too. A little late for that but…

EPIC skins were 1,800 if I remember right in Iron at launch. Now they sit at 500. A great improvement. But if you got anything before Gears Coins… kick rocks. (At least this is the message I get as a consumer from TC/XB)

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They are pretty damn sweet


Common Koty W.

Im tempted to flag this as offensive.

Damn right. Rock these skins myself.

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Nice to hear the views of PEOPLE WHO DESERVE THESE SKINS!!! :wink:

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Seriously though, there is still legit store content missing. Just saying.